Girls Can't Play Football
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Girls Can't Play Football

Except at Defiance College where they do

Girls Can't Play Football
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So many times we see stories in the news of the high school girl on their football team. We hear that girls shouldn't play football because it's dangerous for them and they could get seriously hurt. But here's the thing, all around the country, girls are playing football. They're playing in peewee football leagues, high school, and even in college. This past Saturday, my very own softball teammate suited up to compete in her first collegiate football game.

Yes, I said collegiate football game. Jordan Osborne, a barely five foot tall, left fielder for the Defiance College softball team will put on football pads this fall as a member of the Defiance College football team. She joined the team last week and stood on the sidelines for the team's first home game. She kicked for her high school team her senior year and will be doing the same thing now as a sophomore in college. This is something you don't see much of in college and is an awesome opportunity for not only females but the college in general. How much playing time will Ozzy see this year on the gridiron? We don't know but regardless, to say we have a female on our football team is a great step for women everywhere and I am very proud of my institution and our football coaches for allowing this. But, this isn't about me or the school. It's about Jordan.

First of all, seeing Jordan put on her full pads and stand on the sidelines with a bunch of six-foot, two-hundred pounders is quite humorous. However, to see the respect that these big football players have for her is incredible. In her first practice with the team, she struggled to kick the extra point through the uprights but after each and every attempt some football player would offer words of encouragement and cheers for her. It was amazing to see that these guys wanted her to succeed when most of us outsiders had reservations that they would be quick to put her down. As the football athletic training student, standing on the sidelines of these practices made me proud of the kind of people that Coach Goff has recruited to play football for Defiance College.

Outside of the football team, Jordan is a phenomenal person and student-athlete. As a freshman, she received all-conference honors for her contribution to the softball team. She is a member of the Defiance College Chamber Singers and a great student. She is one of the best teammates and as a sophomore shows so much leadership to our team. We are proud to have her at this school. We are proud to watch her set an example for women everywhere. We are proud to call her one of the kickers for the Defiance College football team and not to mention she's the prettiest player on the team. Unfortunately, she's not pictured in the team photo because she joined after the team picture.

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