To The Girl Who Sees The World In Others, But Not In Herself

It is easy to focus on mistakes we make. It is easy to pick out our flaws and remind ourselves of everything we have ever regretted or messed up. What’s hard is picking out the things that make us unique, beautiful individuals. What’s hard is taking a step back and remembering that even though we have flaws, we have so much going for us. To my dear friend who consistently gives all of her love to her friends and never herself, this one is for you.

You are the type of person who sees light in every person you come in contact with. You have this incredible gift of seeing the best in even the worst people. You offer so much of your time and love to others and never expect or ask anything in return. You have been to hell and back and yet you keep it together so that you can be there for anyone who may need it. This is your reminder that you don’t always need to be that person. You are allowed to need help, you are allowed to have bad days, and you are by no means in this alone.

I know you have a hard time seeing everything that I see in you so allow me to refresh your memory…

You are so giving of yourself.

If I ever need anything at all, whether it be a Wawa coffee or a two-hour conversation in your car I know you will be there without hesitation. You are the person everyone can rely on to be there at all times whenever they need anything. You offer your time to anyone who needs it without any second thought.

You are so passionate about the things you love.

You are without a doubt one of the most motivated and driven individuals I have ever met. Anything you do, you do with your whole heart. You are completely devoted to the things you do and you never complain about doing them. You make the best of every situation and remind everyone around you to strive to do the same.

You have a heart of gold.

I really cannot express enough how incredible you are. You are without a doubt one of the best friends I have ever had. Slow to anger and an amazing ability to listen without judgement, you make everyone who confides in you so comfortable and feel so loved. The type of kindness you display on a daily basis is unlike anything I have known before.

You are beautiful.

It is as simple as that, you ARE beautiful. Inside and out, your positivity, laughter, smile, and charisma has the ability to instantly pull me out of my worst moods. I know sometimes you struggle to see just how beautiful you are but as your best friend it is my job to remind you

You have taught me what it means to strive to be the best version of myself.

You are consistent, responsible, caring, and you don't make excuses for yourself. Through being your friend I have learned what it truly means to take every day for what it is and try to make the best of it. Because of you, I have learned that sometimes you just have to let go and accept the things you can't change no matter how badly you wish you could. You live every single day to your fullest potential, even though you may not feel like you do. Because of you, I want to be a better person. I want to take full advantage of all life has to offer and I don't want to dwell on the bad yesterdays. You remind me to always look ahead and you're always there to pick me up when I fall.

I hope this article reminds you why you are so great. I hope anyone who reads this article is reminded that just because you may not see all of the things that make you great doesn't mean everyone else doesn't. You have such great love for everyone around you but I hope you can love yourself the same way. I am so grateful for all that our friendship has brought us and I truly cannot imagine my life without you. It’s okay to love as deeply as you do, but it my hope that after reading this you can practice loving yourself that deep as well.

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