To The Girl Who Can't Seem To Find The One
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To The Girl Who Can't Seem To Find The One

Stop searching, and look at what is right in front of you.

To The Girl Who Can't Seem To Find The One
Haleigh Dutton

I remember starting high school like it was yesterday.

At the start, like most girls I assume, I thought to myself, "This is where I will finally find a boyfriend!" Going to high school with this perspective was the first mistake I made, and I hope you didn't, or won't, make the same one.

Although now, to you, it may seem like it is necessary to try to find a boy to be in your life for many different reasons, I hope my personal story can help show you otherwise.

Imagine God putting "the one" right in front of your face and you keep looking everywhere but there, that was me. When I transferred schools sophomore year I was "the new girl."

Unlike freshman year at my old school, I slowly started devoting myself more to school, clubs, cheerleading, and church instead of focusing on finding a boy, but it was still always in the back of my mind. I would try so hard every day to look "pretty" for boys. This was my second mistake.

If you want to find someone who wants you for who you really are, you have to be yourself and not try to be someone else to draw their attention.

I know plenty of girls who spend every day trying so hard to get this guy's or that guy's attention when they should be sitting back, being themselves, and letting a guy come to them.

My sophomore year of high school, the year I sat back and focused on more important things, there was this boy who always saved me a seat at lunch and always asked me to hang out. I thought he was a little weird so I almost always turned down sitting in the seat he saved and/or hanging out.

Fast forward to junior year, he stopped asking me to hang out, but we had classes together where we became better friends and could actually carry on good conversations.

It wasn't until we actually became friends, that I realized how dumb I was.

Jumping into a relationship with someone before actually getting to know them and being their friend is the third mistake. It wasn't until I became friends with this boy that I realized the opportunity I gave up on.

Sophomore year this boy was doing nothing but nice things for me, and I looked past all of them because I was searching for someone else. Stop searching for the one, when the one might be right in front of you! It may seem easier to jump at the first boy that shows interest in you but wait for the one who not only shows interest in you but would give anything for you. Fast forward to senior year.

I was getting over a breakup, yes I jumped into something just like I am telling you not to do, and this same boy from sophomore was there for me.

I never had to ask him for help, he was just always there.

Not once did I plead for help from this boy, he could just always tell when I needed it.

Fast forward to September of senior year, we were going on dates and getting closer.

Fast forward again to February 21st of senior year (My Mom's birthday, sorry Mom), we started dating. My whole high school career I was searching for something that was right in front of my face.

I never imagined the boy that would mean the world to me would be the same weird boy from the sophomore year lunch table.

Stop trying to impress boys who hurt you, ignore you, or just aren't good for you. Focus on yourself. Focus on school, your grades, and your family.

The one DOES exist and God DOES have a plan for you, whether you think so or not. If you would just stop and be yourself, the one might be sitting at your lunch table or trying to get your attention, and you're too busy searching for someone else to notice.

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