To the girl, who feels as though she does not fit in,

I know exactly what it feels like. No matter how much you look around, you see all these people talking, smiling and laughing. All of these people surrounded by friends. All of them just enjoying themselves, but then there's you. Sitting there, by yourself feeling as if no one in the world cares about you.I know all too well how easy it is to feel so alone sitting in a full room. It is all too easy to put yourself in a mood where you think that no one cares about you or that you do not belong.

Just remember that no matter where you are at in the world, there will always be someone close by that feels something close to how you are feeling too. I do not know how many times, during my first year of college that I wanted to drop my college and transfer or just disappear. But thankfully I overcame those feelings. It was not easy at all, it took a plethora of working on myself and getting myself out of my comfort zone.

The first semester of my freshman year of college was horrible. I had very few friends and I missed my best friend and family. Since I lived so close to campus, I would go home practically every weekend. When the second semester finally came around, I decided that my new year's resolution was to get more involved and do more things on campus. I got more involved on campus, by joining a sorority and BUDM. Which is how I met some of the most amazing people. Had I not joined these organizations, I do not know where I would be without the wonderful people and experiences I have gained. Everyone I have met has been wonderful support systems. I even ventured out more, now in my second semester of sophomore year, and I am also apart of Delight and the Odyssey. I have even changed my major! My sophomore year of college has changed my point of view on how to interact with people and has helped me grow immensely.

My main advice for you is to find the place where you feel the most comfortable with those around you. My point is you don't always have to fit in with everyone, but if you get yourself out of your bubble then you wil find more people similar to you. The whole point of college is not only to get your education on but to find yourself, to get yourself out of your comfort zone and learn who you are as a person. It will not be an easy ride, there will be bumps along the way. That feeling of loneliness will eventually go away. It will take time, but getting through those first few stages will eventually subside and you will have some amazing connections. You just have yet to make those connections that make you feel at home. It will take time, but everything that is good is worth waiting for. just be patient and see where life takes you. I can promise that it will be worth the wait.