To The Girl Who Cleaned Up Trump's Hollywood Star
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To The Girl Who Cleaned Up Trump's Hollywood Star

Your "innocent" actions speak volumes about your heart.

To The Girl Who Cleaned Up Trump's Hollywood Star
The Hill

On June 28th, a young woman stopped by Hollywood boulevard to clean up Donald Trump’s star, which was covered in graffiti. She snapped a few photos and posted it on Twitter, with a caption that read: “Nothing but respect for MY President. #RaisedRight.”

Not surprisingly, the young woman was met with quite a great deal of backlash and anger. But I’m not here to insult her; instead, I want to speak rationally about why I believe she is wrong.

So to the girl who cleaned up Donald Trump’s star:

I don’t actually see why you posted the pictures on Twitter in the first place when you’re not open to discussion. That’s the thing about the Internet-- when you post your views, you’re giving permission to hear from everyone who sees it. So I hope you take a few minutes to open up your mind a bit, and listen.

I know that in your eyes, you did absolutely nothing wrong. In fact, given your choice of hashtags, you believe that you did the right thing. I guess I sort of get it. I’m not too much of a fan of graffiti myself. But your actions speak a whole lot louder than the words you displayed in that caption. What you did speaks volumes about your mindset. It shows that you’re trying to show defiance towards those who speak out against Trump — and that you don’t understand why people are speaking up in the first place.

You’re not the only one, however. A lot of people support you. In fact, there was a tweet by someone who supported you, comparing you, “a wholesome white girl” to a “vulgar hispanic girl” who took a picture next to Trump’s star, clad in stickers that supported her liberal views. But here is what I think, “wholesome white girl...” from another “vulgar hispanic girl.”

From your social media, I can tell that you are a Christian. You believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ. That’s great, because so do I. I believe that as Christians we are supposed to live a life of love, compassion, and forgiveness. But I’m confused, because you claim you are a Christian, yet you so vehemently support a man who is everything that Christ was against.

The man you support bragged about sexually assaulting woman. He made fun of disabled people. He wants to deny refuge to women and children who have nowhere to go. He wants to get rid of millions of American’s healthcare. He is continuously being caught in webs of lies. What I don’t understand is: how do you reconcile claiming to be a Christian with putting your support in someone like this? When you look at all of those actions, do you think of a man who cares for and loves other people?

You might say that you’re just respecting the position of the president. Yet "YOUR" president couldn’t even do that himself when Barack Obama was in office. After all, he was the one who time and time again accused him of not being a citizen. But I guess, in your eyes, that’s okay. I just don’t understand how you could boast your views so loudly, but not practice what you preach? Regardless, your views are also inherently undemocratic. The idea that we all have to stay silent about our views toward Trump represents everything that our Constitution stands against. You claim to be so patriotic, yet you want everyone who doesn’t agree with you to be quiet, which is not quite on par with the First Amendment.

But who cares, right? You don’t need to worry about Trump’s vice president wanting to sending LGBT youth to conversion therapy, because it isn’t your problem. You don’t need feminism, because who cares about women's reproductive rights? You don’t need to care about the millions of Syrians being denied refuge, such as the young boy whose body washed up on the shores of Turkey, because even though children are dying, America first!

I think you have a lot of hate in your heart, regardless of your “loving Christian attitude,” because you obviously couldn’t care less about how minorities are suffering under your president. You couldn’t care less if a majority of his supporters are racist, sexist, and homophobic. No, because you can dress up all pretty for a picture, wipe a tissue across his Hollywood star, and act like a wholesome, innocent white girl.

But you’re the face of many of his supporters. The privileged white girl, who loves good ol’ Amurica so much, who can hold her ignorant views and still be seen as the face of innocence to society. You're the privileged white girl who tries to use a flag to cover up the discrimination that takes place in the United States, the privileged white girl who will hide behind her Christian identity and claim to “love” Jesus, while supporting a man who is everything that Christ wasn’t.

But what do I know? I’m just a vulgar hispanic girl.

Black Lives Matter.

Love Wins.

Immigrants Make America Great.

Climate Change Is Real.

Women’s Right Are Human Rights.

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