Gilmore Girls Revival - What We Expect (Or Hope To See)
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Gilmore Girls Revival - What We Expect (Or Hope To See)

Take me back to Stars Hollow because it's been too long...

Gilmore Girls Revival - What We Expect (Or Hope To See)
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Where you lead, I will always follow you Gilmore Girls. We all know that particular reference was bound to happen in this article so I just got it out of the way. It's as if the clouds in the sky parted and the gods at Netflix heard our prayers and answered them in the best way possible. That's right, the quirky and witty mother/daughter duo is coming back for a four part limited series on Netflix coming 2017. *Feels* It is time to take out our favorite films, read up on our favorite novels, and keep up with with current events in order to understand every cultural reference on the show.

The new series will be set according to the same time lapse when the show ended eight years ago and every episode will be set in a different season. Star Hollows will be back in all it's full four seasoned glory (including Winter).

Although it next to a sure thing that this is actually happening, contract negotiations on lead actors are still being considered. However, that doesn't mean we can't anticipate future plot points that must be addressed in hopes of making up for that last seventh season of Gilmore Girls we all wish to forget. Here are a few things we expect (or at least hope) will happen in the new reboot.

Luke & Lorelai Wedding/Marriage

First and most importantly, Luke and Lorelai. I do not care if it took them eight years to have this wedding or that the wedding is shown in the way of a flashback, but I expect there to be some form of demonstration that honors these two (especially under a chuppah like the one Luke built for her). I expect their love to be vindicated in this revival after that disastrous seventh season.

Rory Gilmore Job Goals

After all the work and trivial circumstances Rory had to go throughout the entire series (from going to Chilton to making it out alive from her internship as a newspaper reporter) I want to see her succeed. It will be immensely satisfying to see a grown and fulfilled Rory after watching her grow up.

Stars Hollow and Its People

The sense of community and familiarity was probably the most gratifying part of this series. Although the show centered on Lorelai and Rory, the other people in Stars Hollow served as their extended family. Whether it was Taylor Doose hassling Luke on renovations or Kirk being just plain out weird, they made the show as cosy as the town itself.

Jackson & Sookie

Due to Melissa McCarthy's heavy schedule, I am not holding up much hope for this particular one. In an ideal world, we would hope to see Jackson and Sookie back on the series and learn more about what happened to their kids. Did they stay in Star Hollow?

"Hep Alien"

It wouldn't be a real Gilmore Girls reunion without Lane Kim's band "Hep Alien" along with Gil, Zack, and Brian. Especially after Lane ended up marrying Zack and having his child. Here's Hep Alien's best moments on the show in anticipation of their appearance on the revival.

Richard Gilmore Tribute

It was with great pain and sadness that Edward Hermann, Emmy-winning actor, passed away just recently on December of 2014. With his death come all the melancholiac memories that his interpretation of Richard Gilmore leave us with and without a doubt will be honored in the reboot.

Dean, Jess, and Logan

Now now. I didn't forget all three leading men in Rory's life at one point or another. Although they are not the most important part of Rory's life and by no means her defining characteristic on the show, they were an essential part in her character development. Also, a lot of people are really looking forward to seeing them come back (especially Jess for some reason). So many questions to be answered here; most importantly, what DID happen to Logan?

Now, there are so many other important aspects of the show I am leaving out, such as Paris and Emily Gilmore, but there are only so many things they could possibly cover in the four part special. I guess it all comes down to this, all we really want to see is Luke and Lorerai happy and together. Okay, it's not THE most important but it is right up there with Lorelai and Rory's witty banter. We can only be grateful that the show is coming back to finalize any loose plot points that the last season either butchered or didn't fully do justice too *cough* Luke *cough*. So, if you haven't watched Gilmore Girls, you better get started. All seven seasons are up on Netflix for binge watching galore.

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