College is difficult in general, but when you get sick it is even more of a struggle. Here are 10 reasons getting sick in college suck.

1.You might have to miss class:

We all have those classes that we know we can't miss whether attendance is taken or not. Skip College Algebra.... or better yet, skip a lab. Not only is that the only day you will be skipping for the entire semester, that day is also going to be getting pay back for weeks to come.

2.You might have to go to class sick:

Now we all know that by the end of the semester we have probably used our skip(or skips should I say). If that is the case you might have to just toughen up and go to class sick. Going to class sick is embarrassing and a hassle. For one some of your classes are extremely long so you will need a break or two. Those breaks will probably also consist of you running to the bathroom to stop the fluid that refuses to stop running from you.

3. You don't really have someone taking care of you:

Back in high school when I was sick my grandma would make me potato soup, and we'd watch old cartoons. In College I have to make my own food, or I have to get up and go to the cafe. Since I don't really like making food or walking when I'm sick, chances are I'm going to end up laying in bed sick for a good minute.

4.You have to Schedule an appointment:

Being an adult mean scheduling your own appointments in general, but honestly this one is just something I don't like to do.

5.Peace and quiet doesn't exist:

Whether it's your roommates or neighbors, if you're on a college campus or in an area affiliated that means rough sleep.

6.The fun doesn't stop because you did:

When you're sick your friends aren't going to stop having fun. Which mean laying in bed while they party with out you.

7. You will be blamed for any illness anyone gets:

We all know that when our friends get sick after hanging out with us that they are 99.9% of the time going to blame us for any cough of sneeze they have for they next several days.

8. You are going to see people at your worse:

Whether it's that cute girl or boy in your Chem class or the teacher you were trying to finest for a better grade, you are probably going to see them during your time of sickness.

9. No time to be alone:

When a person is sick chances are they want to just lay in bed alone with some Netflix....well no can do. You have roommates and they are probably staring at you from their bed.

10.You don't have your pet:

The biggest struggle about college sickness is the lack of your fuzzy friend.

Well their you have it the biggest struggles of College sickness. Other than these there are no differences. So pull up the WebMD and turn Netflix on.