How many times have you gone shopping for a special guy in your life? Now, how freakin' hard was it? Us girls really like anything, jewelry, any type of clothes, shoes, food, accessories, purses, hair products, makeup, you name it. But for guys, it can be a little more challenging.

I've (finally) been cuffed for this upcoming cuffing season, and now I'm feeling more shackled than ever with having to think of a great gift to get my guy. Luckily, I used this article as an excuse to ask him what gifts guys really want for whatever gift-giving occasion arises.

1. The essentials

These can be little bag-fillers and appetizers to the main course gift. Little things like razors and gum go a long way. He uses them often and throughout the year, the cost can add up – especially for a ballin'-on-a-budget college student. Basically, any little gifts that may make guys' day-to-day lives easier are greatly appreciated by your man. Plus, he'll think of you whenever he uses them!

2. Cologne

Getting into (sometimes) pricier gifts, cologne is a go-to. And if your man doesn't like cologne, then you need to have a serious talk about his hygiene.

My guy actually collects cologne bottles so this is the perfect gift for him, and other cologne collectors as well! This is also a win-win situation for you too because since you're the one who picked it out, you'll be sure to have him smelling good while looking good too.

3. Music must-haves

College campuses are huge and honestly walking class to class without headphones should be something that nobody ever goes through. So even if your man already has a pair, it could be nice to get him either a nicer, newer pair or a backup pair just in case something breaks.

4. A dinner date for two; you and your boo

A growing boy needs to eat, and so do you! This is why restaurant gift cards make for great presents. This could be a special restaurant that means something to your relationship, his favorite restaurant or a new place to go and try. Or, if he really likes his fast food or coffee, gift cards to those places are also super appreciated.

5. Road trip

Another mutually involved gift would be a gas card. Sounds weird, but hear me out. You fill up a tank or two, and take your man on an adventure! Drive somewhere new, go picnic outside, or visit a landmark near you. The possibilities are endless, and it's been proven that guys like actually doing an activity whereas girls can just talk to form those connections and bonds with one another.

6. Tickets

Going along with the fact that guys enjoy physically doing things, tickets are great too! These can be for sports games, movies, plays, musicals, concerts, raves, whatever he's into. The best part about it is that you get to enjoy these events too, right by your man's side.

7. Clothes

If his style taste isn't quite where it needs to be, bump him in the right direction and get him some fresh fits. When I asked my guy what clothing items he liked best, he said it depends on the time of year, but he always enjoys shirts, jackets, and hats, but most of all, shoes. Every guy is different, but I have to say, I have met a lot of guys who are into footwear. The best part about it is there are so many types! Athleisure, workout, sneakers, and maybe he's even into mandals?

8. For fitness freaks

My guy works out – like a lot. And I'm sure there are a lot of boyfriends and guys who love working out as much as he does. For these fitness freaks, things like preworkout, protein powder, BCAA's and other fitness supplements go a long way. Believe it or not, these items can get pricey, and once again, he'll always think of you when he uses it! Plus, if he's getting gains, you're definitely gaining something too. One other thing among this category could be a Hydroflask. Majorly, I've seen girls have them, plus a few guys, but I promise you, it's the gift he doesn't know he wants until he has it.

9. Sentimentals

Now to the soppy side of these festive gift givings. I've seen girlfriends give their boyfriends such cute gifts, it kills me. The best one would be a photo album/scrapbook of you and him. This could be filled with just pictures, or memoirs of things you and him did together like movie tickets, wristbands, receipts, etc. There's also something special about burning a CD with both of your favorite songs, or just songs about love.

So happy holidays, birthdays, half-birthdays and whatever other reason you're giving a gift to your special someone.