Beware of the Seahawks because they are back
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Don't Count Out The Seahawks From The NFL Playoffs Just Yet

The Seattle Seahawks despite having a 4-5 record are still pushing for the playoffs and are still among the best teams in the league.

Don't Count Out The Seahawks From The NFL Playoffs Just Yet

Yes, I know the Seahawks have a losing record. Yes, I know that they are 4.5 games behind the Los Angeles Rams, but the thing with the Seahawks is that over the last month they've been one of the consistently better teams in the league.

The Seahawks have played the Rams twice this season and while they lost both games, they lost those games by a combined difference of a touchdown. That's very impressive considering the fact that the Rams have only lost one game and that was against the best team in the league: The New Orleans Saints.

Let's be honest, the chances of the Seahawks winning the NFC West are very very slim, but they still have a very high chance to at least make the playoffs as a wildcard team. The Seahawks are currently two games out of the playoff picture and winning against the Packers on Thursday Night Football leaves them one game out of the playoff picture. With a few losses for the Vikings or Panthers, the Seahawks could easily climb back into the playoffs and considering the Vikings and Panthers both have harder schedules than the Seahawks in the upcoming weeks, it is very likely that this might happen.

As I've watched the Seahawks over the last couple of weeks, it made one thing clear for me; this Seahawks team is capable of doing anything with Russell Wilson as their quarterback.

Seattle is the leading rushing team in the league this year as they are averaging 152.2 rushing yards a game. With defenses trying to shut down Russell Wilson, Mike Davis and Chris Carson have both stepped up to the plate helping the Seahawks out-rush any team they have played. Russell Wilson helps makes game-changing throws which helps impact the game in a drastic way. When in trouble Wilson can heave up a pass to help keep Seattle alive in the drive. Last week Russell Wilson missed on a crucial throw, but 9/10, he will make that throw to help his team win.

Outside of Russell Wilson, the Seahawks lack any real star power on their offense, but this offense still has the ability to impact a game in a major way.

The Seahawks are going to be scary for many teams for the rest of the season. I know no one expects them to go far, but with their experienced coach and insane quarterback you can't ever count them out because you never know when they will shine.

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