Life can get hard at times with school, work, and social life. I personally know going into my senior year of college that at times things can get stressful. This is why I always say you should treat yourself. When you are getting overwhelmed by something, set goals. For example, if I am having a hard shift at work, I make fun plans after my shift is over. There are literally thousands of ways you can treat yourself so find your own niche.

One simple thing that you can do to treat yourself, is going out to dinner with your friends. Not only are you getting a delicious meal; you get to catch up with your friends. I personally am a food fanatic and love trying new food. Finding a place, I like to eat while I am with my friends only exemplifies my experience because now my friends have those same memories too. Especially living near a cute small town such as West Chester, it's nice to be able to walk around the town on a beautiful day to find a new place to eat.

Having your own mini spa night is another fun way to treat yourself. This is a cheap and effortless way to de-stress while having fun and enjoying yourself. I like to get a couple of friends together and set up a spa night. I get all my facemasks out, then me and my friends pick which one we want to do. We put on a fun movie and apply our facemasks. Not only are we calming ourselves, we are getting glowing skin while watching something entertaining.

Going shopping can be another fun way to treat yourself. Whether this be going to a big mall like King of Prussia or just going thrifting, shopping can be an enjoyable way to treat yourself. King of Prussia can be entertaining because there are so many different stores that anyone you go with can find what they are looking for. Since the mall is huge, I think of it as a scavenger hunt when I go. I go in trying to find something specific and when I find it I feel so accomplished. Same goes for thrifting but in a unique way. I don't go in looking for something specific, I must be more creative. I look at a piece of clothing and see how I can change it to fit whatever style I am going for at the time. Both types of shopping amuse me and help me to find new clothes to wear; so, it's a win, win.

Lastly, something that anyone can do to treat yourself is day trips. This can be anything you want it to be. Depending on the season or time of year, decides what type of day trips my friends and I go on. If it's a sunny and wonderful day out, I like to go to the beach, pool, or a local spot is Marsh Creek. I get a nice tan while relaxing next to the water. Other destinations I like to go to is Philly. Whether this be finding new restaurants, going take pictures in touristy spots or going to museums. There are so many things to do in Philly, so every time my friends and I go there's always something new to do. Since I work during the summer, these day trips let me feel as though I am still enjoying my summer without losing my job.