Contrary to popular "Parks and Recreation" belief, you don't need to spend an unnecessarily-large amount of money in order to "treat-yo-self."

The duo WAS right, however, about the need to indulge, pamper, spoil, and treat. Sometimes you just need to do something for you... even if it's unnecessary.

Although dropping a paycheck or two on a designer watch or pair on sunglasses can be fun, it can limit us to Tom and Donna's ~once per year~ rule when we could be treating ourselves on the daily in less inexpensive ways.

Here are 21 ways to do so, to treat-yo-self on a budget:

1. Once a month, have an at-home spa night.

All you need is warm water to soak your feet, some nail clippers and polish, and a few ingredients you most likely can find around your house for your selected DIY face mask.

2. Make your own chocolate fondue dessert.

With just a chocolate bar to melt and your choice of graham crackers, marshmallows, strawberries, bananas, etc. to dip.

3. Go somewhere expensive, all dolled up, for just one or two drinks (then move along to somewhere more affordable to continue the night if you like).

This way you're not spending your whole paycheck on a multi-course meal at one of those super expensive restaurants but you still get to dress up, go see the sights, and play rich.

4. There should always be a small amount of treat-yo-self chocolate in your house at all times.

A small amount of emergency chocolate is important, especially if you're "dieting." Go with dark chocolate. Make yourself feel better.

5. Dress in your favorite fit and go out to eat somewhere inexpensive that has outdoor rooftop seating.

You’ll feel like you’re on vacation.

6. Get yourself some aloe-infused fuzzy socks to lounge in.

7. Take a hot bath with essential oils or a bath bomb.

8. Drink everything out of a fancy, fun glass.

Everything. Yesterday, I drank Bud Light out of a fancy whiskey glass with a lime on the rim. Why? Why not.

9. Make yourself an elaborate milkshake, complete with whipped cream and candy or chocolate toppings.

10. Boxed wine. Boxed wine. Boxed wine.

We were always taught buying in bulk is the best way to get our money's worth. Right!?

11. Speaking of boxed wine...

Grab a box in addition to some cheese, crackers, and wine glasses, and you've got yourself a lavish wine and cheese night to share with your significant other, roomie, or friends. No one has to know it cost you less than $25 to put together.

12. Give yourself an at-home hair treatment with a DIY mask.

13. Go get your makeup done.

Most cosmetic counters will do a full face of makeup for free if you purchase one of their items (even the cheapest one)!

14. If you're going to travel, choose a destination with a good exchange rate for your country's dollar.

Go where your money is worth more!

15. Movie night!

Throw on your PJs, get yourself a big bowl of popcorn, grab your comfiest blanket, push your couches together, turn your lights off, and settle in for a relaxing movie night — done right.

16. Add toppings to a $2-3 microwave dessert cup to create the perfect dessert for one.

17. Buy a cheap oil diffuser off Amazon to have your room smelling fresh, clean, and inviting at all times.

18. Shop!

Buy those 10 tops you want so badly! But use Honey or other discount apps or web extensions to make sure you're getting a deal on your purchase.

19. Light some candles and stream a YouTube yoga instructional onto your TV to turn your living room into a relaxing yoga studio.

20. Participate in stay-cations... regularly.