National Signing Day Has Everyone On Edge

A Busy Week For FSU Recruiting, National Signing Day Has Everyone On Edge

FSU hopes to do everything possible in order to strengthen their 2019 recruiting class.


The 2019 National Signing Day for football recruits is on February 6, 2019, and it is crucial for Willie Taggart and the Seminole football team to do as much as they can to improve the team after a difficult season. The Seminoles have always been a top recruiting school under the likes of great coaches such as Jimbo Fisher, who had a strong impact on Florida State University bringing in the nation's top players.

Florida State University finished strong in the recruitment rankings last year at 11th but it didn't seem to translate into the football field where the Seminoles finished 5-7 and did not make a bowl game, breaking the longest bowl streak in division one for 36 consecutive years.

FSU football has already updated their coaching staff by employing Kendal Briles and they have sealed solid recruits, such as four-star cornerback Akeem Dent. The Seminoles currently have six enrolled 2019 recruits; nine who have signed their letter of intent and five hard commits. Coach Taggart, his staff, and current players are doing all they can to bring in as much talent to their team as they can for next years season. This includes hosting potential targets at FSU in order to convince them to sign by showing them the campus and facilities.

The weekend of January 5, 2019, was monumental for FSU's recruiting. The Seminoles hosted 11 potential prospects in order to convince them to sign. Here is a breakdown of the players FSU hosted and the players that signed or committed. All of the following statistics are according to

1. Quarterback: Lance LeGendre

After prospect, Sam Howell flipped his commitment from Florida State to the University of North Carolina, the Seminoles had to find a replacement. FSU brought their attention to LeGendre, a four-star dual threat quarterback prospect from Warren Easton High School. FSU hopes to seal the deal with Legendre to increase their quarterback depth. Florida State University is the clear frontrunner in his crystal ball predictions. He was one of the few who took part in an official visit!

2. Running back and wide receiver: Alante Brown

Brown is a three-star running back and a wide receiver, formally committed to Michigan State University. The Seminoles have no shortage of great wide receivers or running backs but they are willing to bring in another weapon to their fast-paced offense. Florida State University currently leads the crystal ball predictions for Brown. He was also one of the few who took part in an official visit!

3. Offensive linemen: Ira Henry, Kamaar Bell, Ryan Roberts, and Darius Washington

Ryan Roberts, from Northern Illinois University, is transferring to FSU for his last season. The Seminoles are attempting to get Bell, Henry, and Washington, to commit before national signing day by hosting them on campus. FSU has struggled with their offensive line in the past and these players are foreseen to change that. The crystal ball predictions of 247Sports have FSU at a 67% chance for three-star Darius Washington over Mississippi State at 33%, where he has already committed. Bell and Henry both have two of the same top choices, FSU and Auburn University. Three-star guard Kamaar Bells predictions come in at 43% for Auburn, 36% for the University of Florida, and 21% for Florida State University. For three-star tackle Ira Henry, Auburn is leading at 62%, with Florida State University following at 25%, and Illinois at 12%. Of the four, Roberts is the only one without an official visit.

4. Defensive Linemen: Quashon Fuller and Charles Moore

FSU hosted Fuller and Moore in hopes to strengthen their defensive line. The coaching staff brought in the four-star defensive end, Charles Moore, from of Louisville, Mississippi in hopes to make a strong impression on him as FSU is not yet on his crystal ball predictions. Hard commit and four-star defensive end, Quashon Fuller, was also brought to FSU from Lehigh Acres, FL. FSU intends to keep Fuller committed, leading the crystal ball predictions at 67% over undecided at 33%. Moore and Fuller could add a strong presence in the Seminoles' defensive line. Both men had an official visit.

5. Linebackers: Shammond Cooper, Eugene Asante, Kevon Glenn, and Kalen Deloach

FSU was set to host all four linebackers but four-star inside linebacker, Shammond Cooper, who is currently committed to Illinois University, did not make the visit. The Seminoles hope to seal the deal and add depth and strength to their linebacker core with Asante, Glenn, and Deloach. Virginia Tech University currently holds 100% of the crystal ball predictions for four-star outside linebacker, Eugene Asante, from Westfield High School in Chantilly, Virginia, meaning FSU made an impression on Asante because he decided to visit the campus. Kevon Glenn, a three-star inside linebacker from Hampton, Georgia is currently committed to FSU and the Seminoles hold 100% of his crystal ball predictions. Four-star outside linebacker Kalen DeLoach from Savannah, Georgia is currently committed to FSU as well and the noles hold 67% of his crystal ball predictions. All but Cooper had an official visit.

6. Defensive back: Brendan Gant

Florida State has produced many NFL defensive backs over time and already has 7 players committed for the 2019 season. Four-star safety, Brendan Gant, from Lakeland, Florida could be FSU's eighth defensive back. Florida State leads his crystal ball predictions at 88% with Alabama at 12%.

7. Kicker: Ryan Fitzgerald

With both kickers Ricky Aguayo and Logan Tyler entering their senior season, FSU is looking to add another kicker to their roster. Ryan Fitzgerald, from Colquitt County, Georgia broke numerous high school records in the state of Georgia and is a great option for the Seminoles.

It was a very busy weekend for recruiting in Tallahassee and the Seminoles are taking action to ensure the success of the 2019 football season. FSU is ending their recruiting strong in order to obtain as many players before national signing day to bring as much depth to their team as possible. These changes and additions are moving FSU up in the recruiting rankings and are projected to change how they will play next season.

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