From The Girl Who Skipped The Party Phase And Is Happier For It

I don’t really enjoy going out to the bars to much or cramming into a house so full of people I can barely move. I don’t see the point of drinking so much you can’t remember the night before and you spending the entirety of the next day getting sick from it. I never went through the party phase where I went out with my friends every weekend to all the clubs and bars and staying out until the crack of dawn.

Some of my friends tell me I don’t know what I’m missing, but then I see them hunched over the toilet puking their guts out and I have to say that I’m okay with that. I don’t care if I haven’t lived until I’ve tried this or that drink. I don’t care if I haven’t lived until I’ve been blackout drunk. I don’t care about drunken hook-ups and one night stands. Honestly, all of this is just unappealing to me. Everyone tells us to do this stuff while we are young because you can’t as you get older, but guess what? Some of us just don’t like it.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a drink just like every other 21-year-old college student. And I’ll enjoy the occasional party with my friends, but it will only be a smaller gathering of about 12 people and I most certainly remember it the next morning. It’s just that doing the party scene every weekend (or some people 3-4 nights a week) just isn’t something I enjoy and would appreciate it if people would stop trying to force me to enjoy it. I’m not judging people who absolutely love the party scene, but stop trying to convince me that I am missing out on some important aspect of life because I’m not.

So by all means, go out and enjoy the bars and clubs that our wonderful little town has to offer. But while you are spending your savings on over-priced drinks, I’m going to be sitting at home on my couch and sipping a glass of wine with my friends while we watch ‘Game of Thrones’ or whatever else we feel like watching. I’ll be participating in a Smash Brawl tournament on someone’s Wii that will last most of the night. I’ll be nestled on my couch with a good book enjoying some alone time. Finally, I’ll be spending the next morning nursing my first cup of coffee for the day instead of nursing a hangover. You have your good time and I’ll have mine, but I think you’re the one who is missing out on something, not me.

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