16 Types Of "Friends" You Need To Avoid
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16 Types Of "Friends" You Need To Cut Ties With For Good

Or more like 16 types of people you DON'T want in your wedding, but it's self-explanatory.

16 Types Of "Friends" You Need To Cut Ties With For Good

We're all getting to a point where we are starting to realize who our real friends are and who will be a bridesmaid at our weddings. They say that college is where you meet your lifelong friends (and maybe a little bit of high school). However, the "friends" you start with won't always make it to your current part of your life and that's completely okay. Sometimes, you were never meant to be friends to begin with and you noticed things that don't sit well with you. It's always important to get rid of the rotten apples in the bunch and only be surrounded by positive people. I don't know about you, but I sure don't want to be around negative, fake and weird people who constantly make me feel irritated. If you are in a friend group and don't like a certain person, LEAVE that group. What's going to happen is that your other friends in that group will start to act "neutral," which is fake in my opinion and those people can't be trusted. It's unfortunate but it is what it is. Here are a few "friends" that you need to get rid of:

1. The fake/shady friend...

I mean, duh! We all knew this was going to be #1. If you have a "friend" who is secretly talking about you behind your back or only uses you for convenience, you need to drop them ASAP. If you have doubts about trusting that friend, then you should cut them off without hesitation. If you are smiling and laughing or not defending me if someone is saying negative things about me, then you are fake. I think I spent enough time on this one.

2. The competitive friend

Yes, these are the type of friends who will do anything to take your shine by saying something "better." For example, if you tell your friends about your new job and the pay rate, that competitive friend might brag about how she has a better job with better pay.It's always a competition, which can be very tiring because at times, you don't feel like "competing."

3. The "pick-me" friend

This one sort of ties in with judgmental mixed with competitive. Do you have that friend who shades you or tears other people down just to get the approval of someone else? You know, it sounds more of a "Pick-me! I'm the best, not her!" Yes everyone, this is what we call a "pick me." These people are also annoying too.

4. The self-absorbed friend who somehow always leads the conversation back to themselves.

You can't ever have a conversation or vent because that person will make it about themselves. Don't even bother venting to them about your dead relative because they will soon change the conversation about their relative who died before slavery was abolished.

5. The "messy" friend.

Have you noticed that they are low key the source of all of the drama? These are the types of people to start the drama and sit back and watch everything go down. They are also the FIRST ones that are ready to come hear the tea. These people are also equivalent to FAKE too. Don't even bother telling your secrets to them either because they will tell it over a loud-speaker. The ones who come off as easy-to-talk-to are the ones who are the messiest because they know all of your secrets. Next thing you know, everyone will know that you have a crush on XYZ.

6. The homophobic friend...

Are we seriously going to debate over this? No matter what your beliefs are, you most definitely don't need a negative and problematic person in your life. It's pretty obvious that I love the LGBT+ community and can't stand people who spew hate for people who don't affect them. Anyone who bashes other people for minding their business should definitely be removed.This goes for racists, etc.

7. The stubborn friend who is NEVER wrong

This person is ALWAYS right and don't even try arguing with them because a simple debate will end with you guys not speaking. It's hard to explain to a person who believes that 2 + 2 = 5. There's nothing more embarrassing than being loud and wrong. And yes, you should cut these people out of your life because you always find yourself walking on egg shells with them and that's not how you should live your life.

8. The overly-sensitive friend

These people whine and cry over everything. You can't even make one joke without them getting worked up. These people know how to turn a good day into a drama filled one, and you definitely don't need that in your life.

9. The possessive friend who doesn't like you hanging out with other "friends."

These friends always ask where you're going and want to be invited too. If they don't like someone that you're friends with, then that's when the real issue happens. If you want to test this out, try introducing your high school friends to your college friends because that is a mess. I would also say that these types of people can also be labeled "clingy" and "feisty."

10. The secretly jealous friend.

There's always that one friend who secretly envies what you have and envies the fact that you can attract more guys than he/she can. Sorry boo, but you need to step your game up. These people are also the WORST at giving advice too. They will steer you into the wrong direction in order for you to be unhappy (or in this case, the same boat as them). CUT THEM OFF!

11. The "always negative" friend.

We all have our bad days, but I can't be around someone who constantly mopes around and kills the vibe. It's good to always be understanding and comfort them, but constantly being a dark cloud over someone else really takes a toll. You come to them with positive news and then they say something hurtful or a negative comment that brings you down. Also, if you know someone who is going through something like depression, please help them out and encourage them to do positive things!

12. The flaky friend.

This friend will make plans with you and then ditch you last minute. If you always find yourself making plans with someone and then end up going alone or not going at all, you need new friends. If you have something important to do, then please communicate. It only works out if you "secretly" didn't want to go out either.

13. The friend who always has something to say about your faults (aka the "judgmental friend").

This friend will point out ANYTHING that's wrong with you, but the minute you say something about them, all hell breaks loose. These people will comment on the stain on your shirt, your weight, your looks, how you talk, etc. If that's not toxic then I don't know what is. You don't understand how many of these people I blocked out of my life and for once, I feel great.

14. The passive-aggressive friend who would rather voice his/her concerns online or through post-it notes, rather than face-to-face.

These friends will do everything they can to avoid confrontation. If you want to talk about your issues online, be sure to back up what you say in person. Here's a tip: If you don't like confrontation, stop giving people a reason to confront you.

15. The friend who acts different around guys/other friends.

I don't think I need to say more about this one. Do you ever notice a friend who acts a certain way towards you but then her other friends come along and all of a sudden she/he is rude to you and constantly humiliating you in front of them? Or even those who start acting tough when guys or girls come around. I don't think I need to go any further because I refuse to be around a shape-shifting friend. You can't allow yourself to be around desperate people.

16. The problematic friend who can't say anything without offending anyone.

I mean, would you really stay with someone who says dumb stuff? If the first phrase out of their mouth is: "I'm not racist, I have black friends," you need to find some new friends honey!

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