To The Best Friend That Showed Me What True Friendship Is

When we met, I was going through a hard time in my life. Heartbreak, shitty friends, low self-esteem- I was just a mess. I felt like I was too broken to ever be repaired again. You saw me as a diamond in the rough, and through your friendship, you helped make me like new again.

You were the first person I had ever met that truly understood the darker side of me and didn't run away from my not-so-pretty qualities. The ghosts of my past that I was still so haunted by at the time, you helped scare away, even in the ugliness of it all. You didn't shame me for my tendency to isolate myself and flake out on plans if I got too anxious, for the days I would just lay in my bed for hours. You weren't angry with me when life just got too hard for me. You didn't force me to come out of my cave. You said "I will wait. I will be here when you are ready." And you were there every time. Still, to this day, you have never, ever made me feel bad for my anxiety or depression getting the best of me. You aren't disappointed. You accept me and my flaws. You accept that I can't always face my demons- you face them with me, head on.

You encourage me to grow. You give me a little tough love when I need it- you know when I need the push- to stay on track with school, to do things that make me happy and feel good about myself, to give myself a break. That's why you will always be my number one gym buddy and study partner, the first person to like my selfies, and the first one to congratulate me when I am doing well. Whether it be a test grade or an outfit I feel particularly good in, you are right there to celebrate with me. I will never have to worry that you will be secretly wishing for my failure. I know that when I am happy, you are happy too.

You taught me that friendship is never a one-way street. You're never petty, you're never cruel. You are supportive, accepting, and understanding. At the end of the day, you have never let a boy of the moment become more important than our friendship. You have never hurt me intentionally and you never will, because as you have taught me, best friends don't do that. You taught me that a friendship isn't supposed to be toxic and it definitely isn't supposed to make me question my own worth. Through your friendship, you have taught me how to trust again and to love myself, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Love you forever.


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