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The Freshmen Plague Is SO Real, But Here's 6 Tips On How To Survive It

Being sick away from home is the literal worst....

The Freshmen Plague Is SO Real, But Here's 6 Tips On How To Survive It

Three weeks into my freshman year and my biggest issue hasn't been related to homework, freshman "15", or even boys. It's been something much, much worse.

The Freshmen Plague

While it comes in many shapes, sizes, and symptoms, the "Freshmen Plague" occurs from living in close quarters with a ton of strangers from across the country. It's kind of like the start of preschool again. Everyone's learning how to live in their new spaces, meeting one another, hugging, touching, drinking after one another. Think of it as a thousand or so preschoolers being put on a college campus with more freedom than they've ever had in their lives.

And I fell as one of the first victims...

My case has definitely been one of the worst yet. After having minor cold symptoms for around a week, I woke up to my throat hurting severely. I couldn't swallow, breathe well, or talk clearly. I went and saw student health and returned to my dorm with a negative strep test and some minor medications for the pain and fever. Two days later, I had gotten worse. I didn't sleep and was having even more trouble breathing and swallowing.

I returned to student health and they found my white blood cell count to be abnormally high and sent me on my way to the ER. It was safe to say that I was terrified, and if it wasn't for my best friend being by my side during the 11 enduring hours at urgent care, I don't know what I would've done. My parents are 5 hours away and I seemed to be getting worse as time went on. Finally, I was diagnosed with mild tonsilitis and a severe sinus infection. Once I got the right medications I was on my way to defeating the Freshmen Plague once and for all. Here are a few things that helped me get through the worst symptoms and moments.

1. Ice Cream


When I couldn't bare to swallow anything besides soft foods, ice cream helped soothe my throat and numb the pain temporarily. I ate almost a whole tub by myself, and I have zero shame.

2. Hot Tea


On the contrary, hot tea with lemon and honey was such a move to help soothe my symptoms. Most definitely a sick day move. And that's the tea, sis.

3. Tissues, tissues, and MORE TISSUES


Do yourself a solid and make sure to get the ones with soothing lotion infused in them, because your nose will thank you after at least a box. My nose STILL hurts from blowing it 25/8.

4. Comfy clothes


This is a given for being sick as well, but those aloe infused fuzzy socks, comfy leggings or shorts, with an oversized sweatshirt will make your stay in Plague-ville 10x better.

5. Entertainment


Whether it be a Netflix/Hulu show, a good book, some music, or other, some form of entertainment goes a long way when you're too congested to sleep or stuck in the ER waiting room for 6 hours.

6. Friends!


Since you're away from your own bed, family, and friends back home, having some company on campus when you're sick definitely helps. While your friends may not want to be near you, just them checking in and making sure you're doing as good as possible is a big morale booster.

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