"The best four years of your life" constantly echoes in my mind. Sometimes it feels as if you have to force college to be the best time of your life, because that's just what everyone tells you.

I was the first out of my friends to move in, so basically I was the guinea pig. I had to be the one to tell them "how it is" and "what to expect." It's hard because even if your having trouble adapting, you don't want to be that friend that hates college. Not gonna lie, I was extremely sad to leave my friends at home, and I was pretty nervous to start a new life. I feel like everyone is even if they don't admit it. However, I was really excited because from what people told me, I was gonna make all these new friends, go to parties, and find activities that spark my interest in a future career. I expected this all to happen right away.

Well... Kinda.... Sorta...


During the first week of college, I remember wondering where my "squad" was. Where were the people that shared a love for cheeseburgers and dogs like my friends at home did? Looking through social media, I saw post after post with groups of college girls going out together. Why didn't I have that? There were people that I would say hi to but, everyone already seemed to have their group. This however isn't actually the case. At all.

The same applies for going to class and joining clubs/ activities. Sitting in on my first lecture, I couldn't help but think, "What am I doing here?" or "This isn't what I want to do with my life," and the most famous of them all: "What do I want to do with my life?" I immediately thought I wouldn't be able to handle the workload, and I just wasn't cut out for this whole college thing.

Even though I've only been a college student for nine weeks, I've learned that everything takes time. As much as you want to believe you are alone, and that no one else is in the same predicament as you, it's not true. In fact most people if not all deal with these same exact feelings. Everyone is still trying to figure themselves out and adapt to a new environment, which is totally okay.

If I could give one piece of advice to anyone with these same feelings, I'd say give it time. You will find friends, you will go to parties, and you will find your passion. It certainly didn't happen right away for me, but I'm on the path to genuinely making this experience "the best four years of my life".