10 Things A Former High School Athlete Would Do To Play One More Game

High school sports are something I think about more often than not. I think back to buzzer beaters, wins, losses, team dinners, and everything in between. I miss my teammates that became my best friends. I miss the early morning practices and the late night ones, too.

I would do so many things to go back, including all the nostalgia-filled things listed below.

1. Run 50 suicides WITHOUT complaining 

I liked to run in high school, but I can only imagine how awful it would be now that I'm out of shape and haven't run more than a few miles in quite some time.

2. Wear my least favorite jersey number

We all have an attachment to a certain jersey number. Mine was #1, but if I could go back again I'd wear any number they handed me. I wouldn't even be jealous of the girl wearing my number, either.

3. Arrive at Saturday practice 30 minutes early

In school, we all hated Saturday practice, but if I could go back I'd get there before anyone else so I could enjoy the quiet gym/ball diamond.

4. Lead study tables 

Most athletic teams have a "study table" or basically just a study-time-meet-up that is mandatory. None of us liked to go to it, but you can bet anything I'd conduct the dang thing now.

5. Let someone use my favorite bat

When we finally get good enough for our parents to buy us a "good bat," it's hard to let others use it because it practically becomes your baby. I'd let the entire team use my bat if it meant I could play one more high school softball game.

6. Never make another excuse to skip an ice bath

Ice baths sucked, especially when I broke my ankle and HAD to endure them.

7. Watch every single film from seventh grade up 

As some of you may know, this would be painful. Especially the middle school games, where, at times, it looked like a bunch of 5-year-old kids playing soccer or tee ball.

... and when I said soccer, I was referring to everyone being on one side of the court looking like a group of bunched up baby chicks trying to stay warm.

8. Take a softball to the shin 

I played center field, and I loved it. But I would be glad to take another softball to the shin- or to any other body part.

9. Or a basketball to the face 

I would seriously embrace the embarrassment, even if it was in front of a big crowd at a rivalry game.

10. Relive the memory of me shooting a layup at the opponents basket

First of all, cut me some slack. I was in 6th grade. I still don't like to think about it, but I'd gladly do it again in order to play another game.

I'd do almost anything to play another high school ball game, and this list doesn't even cover half of it. Even though I'd love to go back, I wouldn't trade the memories I already have for the world. To the current high school athletes: Enjoy it while it lasts, go to every practice, give it 110 percent in every game, and don't let it go until it's gone.

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