Going Greek can be intimidating to say the least, especially if you're a freshman in a new environment for the first time. It's scary to be judged constantly what people think of you and being rated like a dating app based on your experience.

I wasn't ready to rush as a freshman last year because I was scared of being in a new place and had difficulty managing my new life on my own. However, this year was much different.

I decided to rush my sophomore year to see what Greek Life was like and how I could fit into one of their communities. I wasn't expecting to get a bid, but instead just to see what Greek life had to offer me. I wanted to take advantage of anything I wanted to do on campus since I only have three more years left on campus.

Going Greek or as they say formal recruitment is hard. You visit houses for almost two straight weekends and it's exhausting because of being on your feet all day, but if you're an extrovert like me, talking to people could be a job for fun.

However, I'm not saying just because I got into a sorority that you should Go Greek. I'm saying that any girl should attempt to Go Greek because there are endless people you are connected with and can talk to at anytime. Going Greek is a great first step in doing something that you can enjoy, you know will keep you busy on campus, and help you make friends.

Greek life is also a good way to discover leadership, and grow within yourself(as everyone says). But growing within yourself really is true and accurate in so many ways. Each year you will grow and discover there is more that you can offer, and the more you can give your community.

One thing to be mindful of is the fear of what the sororities think of you. This is the number one thing that can ruin your experience for yourself during rush week. You can't be caught up in your head and be concerned of what other people think of you. Even after rush, you will still be the same person coming into rush. Think about you, and only you since it is a mutual selection process.

Not going to be biased or anything but joining a sorority sophomore year is THE way to do. Not only have you been at college for a year and know how to navigate conversations better, but also have a better idea of the values sororities on campus have.

Finally, my last point is listen to your Rho Gamma. She is there to guide you and make sure you are making confident decisions about what you life and how you are feeling. The famous saying my Rho Gamma told me is that you should always be yourself(which is basically the golden rule of going through rush).

Good luck with recruitment!