50 Things Sorority Girls Say During Formal Recruitment

Before you can get elbows deep in tacky glue and glitter, throw what you know, and most importantly wear the letters, you have to go through formal recruitment in order to be placed in the sorority chapter that best suits you. The process usually occurs over the span of multiple days and entails hours of making small-talk with girls you’re hoping to impress. Sounds simple — but girls who have been through it know that the hours of standing around in high heels, answering the same questions repeatedly, and visiting 10 chapters in one day is no picnic. They’ll also tell you, however, that ripping open that sealed envelope to reveal which chapter they received a bid from is the most defining, exciting moment in their college careers and that it made every second of waiting outside in the cold worthwhile.

Here are 50 things sorority girls say during formal recruitment:

1.“My feet are killing me.”

2. “Your makeup looks really good.”

3. “Can we take a quick pic?”

4. “Can you turn the flash on?”

5. “My arm looks weird, can you take it again?”

6. “One more. Just one more.”

7. “I hope I find a little this semester!”

8. “Everyone quiet down!! They’re lining up outside.”

9. “It’s so nice to meet you!”

10. “I can take your coat.”

11. “It’s so loud in here!”

12. “I’m losing my voice.”

13. “Let’s go over here.”

14. “What made you decide to go through formal recruitment?”

15. “I never thought I would be in a sorority either!”

16. “I felt so comfortable right away.”

17. “That is the moment I knew this chapter was right for me.”

18. “I feel like I’ve really found my home away from home.”

19. “I love living in the house.”

20. “We share each others’ clothes all the time; it’s like having one big closet!”

21. “We always get ready together before we go out!”

22. “I love all of my sisters! We’re so close.”

23. “I found my best friends and future bridesmaids.”

24. “Where are you from?”

25. “Oh, I think I know where that is!”

26. “Do you have any questions for me?”

27. “Our philanthropy is so rewarding.”

28. “What are some of your interests?”

29. “OMG! I used to take dance classes when I was younger.”

30. “We were just having a great talk about how we both love pizza and Netflix.”

31. “What is your favorite TV show?”

32. “I love Gossip Girl too!”

33. “Were you involved in high school?”

34. “Me too!”

35. “That’s so funny.”

36. “What’s your major?”

37. “What year are you?”

38. “Where are you living this year?”

39. “I’m seriously obsessed with your top, where did you get it?”

40. “I looooooove Chipotle.”

41. “Can I offer you some sparkling cider?”

42. “This is my sister Brittany, she’s one of my best friends.”

43. “We were just talking about how we’ve both vacationed to Jamaica!”

44. “What do you think you could contribute to this chapter?

”45. “Are you interested in taking any leadership positions?”

46. “Let me walk you out.”

47. “It was so great talking to you.”

48. “Let me give you a hug!”

49. “Trust the process, ok?”

50. “You will find your home.”

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