For When The World Gets Too Loud
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Health and Wellness

For When The World Gets Too Loud

Find your place; find your peace; find your balance.

For When The World Gets Too Loud

To the girl who's sitting on her floor with her hands over her ears because suddenly everything is crashing in:

To the boy who raced out of the room because there were too many people and he had reached his limit:

To you – wherever you are physically, mentally, or emotionally – if you want just a moment of quiet:

It’s okay to feel like the world is getting a little too loud. It’s okay to want to be alone. It’s human to need time with people, but don’t forget that it’s just as human (and just as important) to need time with yourself – and only yourself.

Sometimes the world is too much. Sometimes there is no way to escape and no way to be alone and the walls close in. That’s OK. It’s OK. Don’t let the noise destroy you.

But don’t let silence take over either.

Because if there is one thing I’ve noticed is worse than not being able to hear your own thoughts, it’s having your own thoughts be the only thing you ever hear.

So let yourself be quiet. Take a minute, or an hour, or a day. Find your place. Find your peace.

But then – after a while – you need to get up off the floor.

I know you don’t want to. I know your body feels like it can’t. I know they hurt you; I know classes are stressing you out; I know the world is too loud; I know you want to shut down.

Do not shut down.

Do not let yourself shut down.

I know what that’s like. I’ve laid in bed and stared out the window at the rain for hours on end. I’ve sat on the floor of the shower, long after the water has lost all heat and the white walls are starting to make my eyes hurt and my head spin. I’ve shut down to try and stop the spin.

I’ll openly admit it – shutting down is great. Turning yourself off and losing your voice and forgetting the fact that there is a world outside of your bed – that can be bliss. And maybe the world outside isn’t as warm as the cocoon you’ve created under the covers, but maybe it’s time to clean the sheets.

Here’s the deal:

Go out for coffee with your friend because you said you would. Go to the supermarket because you need healthy food to cleanse your system and you like seeing the organization of the shelves. Stop looking out the window in class and actually take a minute to listen to the professor – believe it or not, they do know a thing or two. Take a shower using the best soaps you have and enjoy the hot water because it’s been three days and it’s time to be clean again. Let yourself be clean again.

Find your balance between the world’s noise and your voice – between the clatter and clamor of everyday life and the peace and quiet of your own place (wherever that may be).

Find your balance and do your best to keep that balance in check – even though when the world gets too loud, you might be leaning more toward one side of the scale.

Sometimes the tough love is the nicest love you can give yourself. Because it’s the tough love that reminds you how to handle your life without trying to keep a chokehold grip on control.

And even when the world gets too loud, or when the silence makes you want to scream – you can handle it.

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