A Girl Who Loves Love, You Need To Read These Stories

I've always been that girl who just really loves love. I think it's a precious gift and I love that it's something we get the chance to experience. I love looking at engagement pictures and I cry every single time I watch a wedding video. Seeing those Facebook videos about couples who have been married for 50+ years warms my heart and I know I am not the only girl like this.

I'm obsessed with love and relationships.

Some of the best love stories are in the Bible, so here are a few of my favorite reads.

1. Abraham and Sarah

The story of Abraham begins in Genesis 12, and it's 11 verses in that we see the affection Abraham has for his bride. Weird, but sweet at the same time - Abraham tells Sarah that because of her beauty that when they travel through Egypt she will need to say that she is his sister because he is afraid they will kill him and take her. The best part of their love story, though is their son, Isaac. Despite Sarah telling Abraham that he should have a child with their servant Hagar and the fact that Sarah was 90 and Abraham was over 100, the Lord still gave Sarah and Abraham a son.

2. Ruth and Boaz

If you want to really obsess over a love story go read the book of Ruth, literally the whole thing. Boaz, a wealthy man with land, servants, and I'm assuming some real good looks and precious Ruth, a Moabite who was not only a widow but from a place filled with sin. The most unlikely of pairs but a completely God-ordained relationship, one that is so sweet that it's in the lineage of Jesus. Not only do we see love between the two of them, but also in Ruth's commitment to Naomi which is a love story in and of itself. The story of Ruth is unlike any other and you can truly see the Lord's handiwork in her life.

3. Isaac and Rebekah

This love story doesn't get the attention many others do and I really think because it comes after Adam and Eve and Abraham and Sarah so in comparison to those Isaac just doesn't get his shining moment in the love department, so to say. The thing about this one is that it happened because of Abraham (dad goals, honestly) so desperately wanted a wife as good as his own for Isaac. Basically what happens is someone goes on a wife hunt for Isaac and this guy finds Rebekah, she offers the guy and his camel water so he decides to bring her back, then - this is the part that the inner middle school church girl in me can relate the most to - she sees Isaac praying and our girl is hooked.

4. Jacob and Rachel

I wouldn't say this is the original love triangle because of the Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar thing but this is definitely the most amusing one. Anyway, it truly is a love story that makes my heart burst. Get this - unlike his father Isaac, Jacob actually has to work for his wife. He travels to visit an uncle and the rest is honestly history, Jacob sees Rachel and he's hooked immediately, but it gets better. Jacob is so crazy about this girl he offers to work for her father for seven years in order to "earn" her. Then after that it just gets weird and he accidentally marries Rachel's older sister and Rachel, but overall a great love story.

5. Hosea and Gomer

There's not much to say about this one other than it is a story of unconditional, unwavering love. What gets to me about this one is that it shouldn't have lasted, but Jesus also shouldn't have walked out of the tomb and that happened so I guess this relationship is really not that crazy. It's a relationship of forgiveness and it shows that when God wants a relationship to happen it will happen and it will really do so much.

6. Elkanah and Hannah

Even when love lasts it can be filled with heartache, this relationship shows that. Hannah not only had to share her husband with Peninnah, but she was also unable to have children. She was mocked for her infertility and it destroyed her, but her husband saw her pain and not only loved her through it but prayed with her through it. It took time, but Hannah did have a child and man oh man did Samuel change nations.

7. Joseph and Mary

You know what the say, last one best one. Look, relationships now experience a lot of stress but no relationship stress compares to what they went through. Mary, a virgin, gets pregnant and Joseph listened to the Lord (praised the Lord) and stays with his soon to be bride. Seriously, think about it, not only was he thinking "what in the world is happening," but also so is their entire community - literally everyone is confused. Then add on you have to raise the Son of God, talk about pressure. They stuck it out and even though Jesus was going to be perfect no matter who is earthly parents were, God did the perfect job (as usual) of making sure He picked people who listened to Him and each other.

These love stories are flawed, odd, and perfectly matched but for us girls who obsess over love they speak volumes about relationships.

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