It's a windy afternoon and you are hungry. You are tired of eating the same campus food. You look across the street to find a McDonalds and you decide to dine their today. Around this time tomorrow you decide to go to your local pizza restaurant and eat two slices of pizza with a soda. This recurring timeline can affect your well-being in a long run.

As an incoming college freshman, health is crucial to my body, physically and mentally.

We all know that college freshman will be away from home cooked meals and there first year of school, leading us to make your own food choices. My advice would be to work out at least once a week if you are a full time student, like me. Working out can help you cope with stress more. Athletes who work out while stressed tend to do better working out.

The more you have on your mind, the better work out session you will have. For instance, if you have a lot on your mind and want to run a 5k, you will run faster in view of the fact that you take all the energy you have and take it out on the run.

Working out and dieting are not only good for you, but these concepts can make you fitter and stronger.