Right now as I type this I have a fever of 100, and I'm being the most dramatic person ever, lying in bed in the dark with loud sad music playing. I have the flu, and I'm acting like it's the end of the world. Yes, I am a drama queen.

But really, having the flu stinks. Like, your entire body aches, it's taco night in the DH but you have no appetite, and you have no clue what to wear because one second you're sweating like crazy and the next you have the chills. Sometimes getting sick is sort of fun because you have an excuse to be lazy and eat endless ice cream, but when you have the flu and everything hurts, you can't even ENJOY the ice cream because you're too busy feeling like #death.

In my self-pity state, I put a picture of myself lying in my bed looking absolutely terrible with the caption "send tea and NyQuil to my dorm because I'm DYING." I swear I'm not always this dramatic. I just hate being sick.

Anyway, the response I got from my friends made me go from 0 to 100 real quick. I went from feeling like the sickest girl in the world to the luckiest. My phone flooded with replies saying, "I have DayQuil if you want that," and "What kind of tea?" Even girls that lived in dorms on the opposite side of campus offered to walk over in the cold night weather just to make me feel better.

Sometimes, I forget how lucky I am to go to a school like Saint Mary's, where everyone genuinely cares about each other. Even people I only occasionally say hi to offered to bring me cough drops and chocolate. The past few weeks I've been thinking, "I can't wait to get out of here for spring break!" but getting sick was just the reminder I needed that I am so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by the kindest, smartest and most loving women ever. I am so lucky and blessed to have amazing friends, and it took an attention-seeking Snapchat story to remind me of that.