10 Florida State Frustrations That Every Seminole Can Relate To

10 Florida State Frustrations That Every Seminole Can Relate To

We have all been there.

Let's face it, if you attend Florida State University, you inevitably love it. The beautiful campus, the overwhelming school spirit and the abundant opportunities to succeed here would captivate just about anyone. Although we will all proudly announce that we are Seminoles, we aren't so blind that we can't see the flaws in our favorite spot in Tallahassee. Here are 10 frustrating experiences that any FSU student has dealt with on many different occasions.

10. Fearless cross-walkers.

We get it, OK. We know you have 56 uncompleted homework assignments, you haven't slept in two weeks, and you are really hoping that if we hit you with our cars we will have to pay for your tuition. We understand these feelings, trust me.

All of us here are experiencing the same things, and the last thing we need is to have a guilty conscious for hitting you with our vehicles. With that being said, please stop trying to cross the street after our cars are halfway through the crosswalk.

9. The partying reputation.

At some moment in all of our lives, we have told someone that we attend FSU and then are immediately given that knowing side smirk, an unspoken, "Oh, I know what you're up to then." Yes, Florida State has a reputation for partying. No, that is not my priority. Let me get this stellar education without you assuming what I do with my time.

8. The uphill struggle.

As much as we love Tally, no one can deny that getting around campus some days can be serious work. Honestly, do I really need to work out if all of my classes happen to be on the top of abnormally large hills?

7. Random downpours.

You can leave your room at 11 A.M. and it will be beautiful outside, not a single cloud in the sky. The flawless weather will have you in a great mood, and you can walk to your afternoon Chemistry lecture without a worry in the world.

Everything seems fine and dandy until your teacher dismisses you and you walk outside to behold a rainstorm that is easily comparable to the great biblical flood. Do you have your umbrella or rain boots? No. Will you ever learn? Probably not.

6. Classes with few grades.

A new semester is always filled with the promises of potentially easy classes and raised GPAs. That is until your first professor of the day informs you that your only grades are based on your attendance, your midterm, and your final. No I am not stressed, it's fine, I'm fine, everything is fine.

5. Overzealous bikers.

One second you are casually strolling down Legacy Walk, and then the next moment you see your life flash before your eyes as some Lance Armstrong wannabe comes within .7 mm of running you over. Please slow down before I put my foot in front of one of your tires.

4. Getting teased about our football ranking.

Or I should I say lack of ranking. Yes, this season was subpar, but we also lost our starting quarterback during the first game and his replacement was a true freshman. Talk to me again next year.

3. People who won't shut up in Stroz.

This is a LIBRARY. I came here to STUDY. Please stop screaming about how your fraternity dream boy made eye contact with you in the hallway. If I wanted to hear noise I would have gone absolutely anywhere else on campus to look over these notes.

2. "You went to FSU because you weren't smart enough to go to UF."

Let me just stop you right there because your breathing is annoying me at this point. Many students here, including myself, got into both schools and decided to go to FSU for a myriad of different reasons. Find something else to do other than tear people down.

1. Parking.

Do you really go to FSU if you haven't circled all of the parking garages on campus for hours hunting for a parking spot? You would think that instead of adding multiple residence halls someone would consider maybe adding on to the parking garages. We risk parking tickets and getting towed every day in order to make it to class on time, and quite frankly, we are TIRED of it.

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This has been the case so far. Already, two 13 seeded NCAA men’s basketball teams, the University of Buffalo Bulls and the Marshall Thundering Herd, did damage to every college basketball/sports fans’ brackets, respectively pulling off wins over Arizona and Wichita State, respectively. March madness is alive and well.

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UMBC’s road to the tournament was a strange one. They lost to UAlbany by 44 points earlier in the season, and they clinched a spot in the tournament thanks to a game-winning three point shot over the heavily favored top seed, the Vermont Catamounts. And yet, the team had very high levels of confidence, and didn’t feel phased by the underdog label placed on them. The Retrievers did end up losing to Kansas State in the next round, but their performance against Virginia will be remembered as one of the greatest upsets in college basketball and sports history. Once again, the Retrievers, like the other underdog teams who won, proved that the NCAA tournament is the wildest, craziest, up in the air nationally televised sports event ever. Look for them again next season.

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Jordy Nelson Is The True Packer That Green Bay Will Never Forget

A letter to one of the best to wear green and gold.

This past week, the Green Bay Packers released Jordy Nelson, a truly devastating day for any Packers fan. As what I would call myself, a super fan, I was quite distraught when hearing the news of Nelson's release. Because of this, I have decided that it would be best to get my sadness out through writing an open letter.

Dear Jordy,

The past 10 years have been incredible. Words can not describe how thankful the entirety of Packer nation is to have been able to share the last decade with you. Whether it was coming in clutch during plays, or that infectious smile, you were always able to make your own fans happy, and never disappointed.

When you came into the league, I figured I was around 9 years old. Though your role was not big in your first couple of years in the league, many people knew you'd be destined for some kind of big role on the Pack. As a kid on the playground in 5th grade, I saw your breakout game in Super Bowl XLV and, instantaneously, I wanted to be Jordy Nelson in many games of playground football.

As the years went on, you continued to get better, to the point where you even made yourself into the "got milk?" poster boy all across Wisconsin. Each day in middle school, I remember walking into the cafeteria, seeing a cardboard cut out of you holding milk and would get some milk of my own, just to be like you.

Eventually, you became one of the premier receivers in the NFL, and there was nothing better than watching that Rodgers-Nelson connection week in and week out. In total, we saw you guys combine for 70 touchdowns in your time with the team, while setting team records left and right.

When you tore your ACL in the 2015 season, we were all devastated. It seemed as though you were going to be primed for another big year, and instead, you were forced to watch from the sidelines. However, you did not take this time for granted. You put maximum effort and time into training the young receivers on the team in order to help the squad succeed, and they did.

Following that season, you were your old self, and it was so awesome to have you back. I remember countless "Jordy!" celebrations in my basement on your way to becoming the NFL's comeback player of the year.

Despite a low year this past season, you were still one of the unquestioned leaders on the team, and a teacher to many. Even though you ended up being released, you will forever be remembered in Green Bay.

You define what a true Packer is. You are hard working, humble, and willing to sacrifice for the team. You are unquestionably one of the greatest Packers to ever do it, and even though there was no storybook ending to your time in Green Bay, no one will ever have the same impact that you did.

Thank you for everything, White Lightning, for inspiring kids all over Packer nation, and being a true role model in everything you do. We wish you nothing but the best in your next ventures, and can't wait to see you continue to tear up the NFL.


Packer fans everywhere

Cover Image Credit: Instagram

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