If you have paid attention to dating culture at all between the last 50 years and now, you've probably noticed that it's changed a lot — and not for the better.

We need to take dating back to how it used to be — back to flowers, chivalry and moving slowly.

Back to asking her father to take her out (as well as for her hand in marriage when the time comes). Back to flowers for no reason, not just because you messed up. Back to holding the door open and refusing to let her touch the car door because you're always opening it for her.

We need to go back to when things moved slowly, rather than having sex on the first date.

We need to put meaning and value back into our relationships.

Nowadays, guys sit outside the house and honk the horn to get girls to come out. What happened to the days when guys would come to the door, meet her parents and wait until she was ready?

Nowadays, people break up because of some stupid fight that might have been caused by something on social media. Back then, when things got tough they stuck it out.

Let's get dating back to how it used to be.

Back to the good old days; the days of lasting relationships and marriages that made it work. When I look around at the dating culture we live in now, I worry. These aren't the types of relationships I want.

I want someone who will respect me, wait for me, PRAY for me and love me — even when it's hard. Not the guy who leaves when things get patchy.

Wait for the right person — do not get caught up in society's version of dating culture.