Five things you need to give up

If you find yourself feeling unhappy or way too stressed out everyday it might be something you are doing that is stopping you. It could be something as little as fears you have learned to live. Here are five things you should give up so you make move on and life a happier life.

1. Failing.

Failing is just a part of living and it does not make you a failure. Failing helps you grow. It is a process to where we are trying to go. By failing we grow a little closer to our goal of succeeding.

2. Pleasing everyone.

If you are keep trying to please everyone you meet you will never truly be happy. You will always find being someone you are not. One of the great parts about growing up is discovering who you are not.

3. Over-thinking.

Studies have shown that over-thinkers tend to have a emotional distress. This will cause you to go through of overthinking and stress.

4. Comparing yourself to others.

If you find yourself comparing yourself to other people you will find yourself hating yourself. Instead of comparing yourself you might want to enjoy yourself because no one is like you.

5. Procrastinating.

Procrastination can be something hard break especially when you find yourself doing it every week. It can lead you to a lot of stressing you can avoid. Try to give yourself time in the day to organize yourself before your day starts.

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