Five Reasons We Should All be a Little More Like Blair Waldorf

Five Reasons We Should All be a Little More Like Blair Waldorf

"If you really want something you don’t stop for anyone or anything until you get it"

Gossip Girl is an all around powerful television show. Although it's been around since 2007, it's powerful quotes and characters are still so relatable. From Gatsby- like experiences with Dan Humphrey, the rich yet troubled Chuck Bass, or even the beautiful Serena Van Der Woodsen, the characters are all somehow relatable. Whether male or female, the one character everyone should learn some advice from is Blair Waldorf. And here's why:

1. She fluently speaks at least two languages fluently.

Blair Waldorf is not only a very intellectual speaker of the English language, but her French speaking skills are superb. Knowing more than one language is essential in today's very diverse world. We could all use a little language check now of days.

2. When she knows what she wants, she gets it.

Whether it's getting the love of her life, or her designs finished at the atelier, Blair puts her mind to it and never looks back. Although sometimes she ends up messing up, she gets back on the saddle and gets the job done.

3. She's a hopeless romantic... and don't we need more of that in our lives?

Today "romance" can be so boring. Quite honestly, what's a date? Blair even gets to live a fairytale life of being a princess for a quick minute. Although fairytales are great and all, she knows what she wants, like said before, and when it comes to love.. there's no persuasion of the heart.

4. She's the queen of truth.

She's not called "Queen B" for nothing. Blair is not afraid of what anyone has to say to her. She tells it like it is and doesn't look back.

5. She knows how to treat herself.

Although we don't all have the privilege to have wallets as thick as her's, it's okay to stress shop sometimes. We all do it. Yeah it might not be that exciting later, but trust me when I say it's going to be okay!

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