Hello, Maddie, here live and in-person from Bowling Green State University. Most of you know the whirlwind that I have recently had in the past couple of months. Some of which include getting sent to the hospital and then having stomach surgery, failing my first ever class and then changing my major, and even getting into my first ever relationship (we're still together even after I wrote that article, I know...surprising). But now I am here to talk about a new chapter and event that has recently happened in my 21-year-old life (also, yes I turned 21).

I moved into my first apartment.

A while ago, I wrote an article about the difference I know that I would experience when moving into my first college apartment in comparison to moving into the college dorms that I have lived in for the past two years. Well, that article is now a reality. I am writing this article a few hours before I head off to start fundamentals week for marching band. I just brewed a cup of coffee for me and I'm sitting down taking the time to talk about the first 24 hours (or a little under) in the new apartment.

So the first thing to mention was moving in. My apartment is on the first floor of the building in the apartment complex, and it is also the first apartment so that makes it easy to move in. To quote my dad, "This was the easiest move in ever." After bringing the stuff in, I met the two roommates that have been living here already. I have only texted them here and there with some questions of mine and they answered them nicely, but meeting them in person finally was a game-changer. I was able to learn we have some things in common (to my surprise it was Kpop) and then when my parents left it was time for me to get unpacking.

Kind of like the last two rooms, if I thought packing was long then unpacking takes ages. I was able to get a good chunk of stuff unpacked and into respective places before I was invited out to the mall with one of the roommates and her friend. It was a good time. They got know a bit about me and I got to know a bit about them. We walked around the mall and then went to where the friend was staying and met her dog. Afterward, I met the one roommate's parents, and we went to pick the friend back up to head back to the apartment.

Once we got back, I finished up the bulk of my room while they ordered pizza. Once the pizza got here, me, the two roommates, and the one roommate's friend all ate pizza while watching Youtube videos. After that, we decided to watch some of a Korean drama they started and then later we played Cards Against Humanity. To end the night, we watched a few Youtube videos before I called it a night.

Between the last couple of roommates, I had and the crazy beginning to 2019 that I experienced, am I ready for this school year to begin? I think that the answer to that is definitely yes.