Find Your Happy Moments

Find Your Happy Moments

As we approach the final stretch of the semester, take time to remember all the positive memories you have made so far.

As the semester is coming to an end, I can't help but think of home. I mean, you know, my other home. I've had the privilege of meeting my best friend here at college, and so many wonderful people that I share something special with, people who I refer to as my family. Being so close to the finish line of this first year, I can't help but wonder how my other family is doing: my best friends from high school, my parents, my younger brother who is about to go to high school next year. Facetimes are just not enough to truly know what's going on in their lives. When preparing for this endless sea of midterms and finals, wave after wave, sometimes being lucky enough to ride the wave, and other times simply crashing head-first into a storm, I love to think of the little things. The little things that make me happy. My favorite memories: both at home and in college.

Little things like curling up next to my dad in a warm, cozy blanket watching the latest TV show on Netflix, talking about anything and everything that has been going on in both of our lives, playing scrabble, going on long walks, and just the fact that my heart is happy when I am around him.

Little things like my dad singing my favorite old song time and time again, my mom coming home with the widest smile and telling me all about her day, (trying to) learn how to cook (for the hundredth time) my favorite dish from my mom in the kitchen, my brother never failing to sass me (which I wholeheartedly believe is his personal form of love).

Little things like seeing my best friends after what seems like a millenia and giving them an eternal hug. Little things like spending time with my best friends, doing literally anything, and wondering every single time where the time goes.

They say no matter where you are, it is always bittersweet because you always miss the other thing. I remember even during spring break, after the first few days I couldn't wait to get back just to see my college family again. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we live so close to our college friends, that we are invested in their lives from the time they wake up to the time they sleep, day in and day out. I connected to my roommate, who is now my best friend, in the matter of days. It's a truly special bond and you know when it's right that it's right, no questions asked. I met so many individuals, who are truly gems of people, and I have become a better person because of each and every one of them. I remember the late night 3AM conversations and impromptu singing, the first time I ever saw my roommate in person, things that I wouldn't think would stay with me but did because they made me smile or laugh.

As I am approaching finals, I constantly try to revert to these beautiful memories that I have had the fortune to share with my friends and family. Each and every one of us have these positive moments, moments that make us feel such strong emotions that we often can't describe why we are so moved by them. If I can give one piece of advice during this final stretch of the semester, I'll say find those times to keep making memories and find your happy moments. They'll give you strength in the middle of what seems like never-ending weeks of exams, papers, projects, and challenges.

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10 Struggles Girls Taller Than 5'7" Feel On A Spiritual Level

3. "Do you date guys that are shorter than you?"

Any girl who is at least 5'8" will understand these struggles and possibly identify with them on a spiritual level.

1. Dresses not being long enough

Finding dresses for any occasion that will be long enough is like searching for rain in a drought. And when you find one, it's bound to either cost $$$ or not fit another aspect of your body.

2. Heck, pants are never long enough either

You are constantly flooding, or else you rolled up your jeans to look like capris. Unless you special ordered some jeans online in the coveted size LONG or EXTRA LONG, this will forever be your fate.

3. "Do you date guys that are shorter than you?"

This is a personal preference people! Don't assume that a girl will or will not date someone just based on their height difference! Also, don't judge if they aren't interested in someone who is shorter than them!

4. Not wearing heels because you don't enjoy being the skyscraper of the friend group

Wearing heels can be fun buuuuuuuut sometimes towering over everyone else is not our idea of fun.

5. It's hard to find cute shoes that actually fit

You would love to have all those cute little shoes in the clearance section, but most of them barely cover your big toe.

6. Everyone thinks you walk too fast

Short-legged people just can't keep up with you, even though you aren't even walking fast. Like at all.

7. People want to jump on your back

Just because you're tall doesn't give them the license to make you into their personal camel.

8. Never being able to cross your legs underneath desks and tables

You. Can. Not. Get. Comfortable.

9. Awkward hugs

Some people will never understand.

10. Never knowing how to pose in pictures

Should you sorority squat? Pop the hip? Bend the leg? Contort your body to feel like a normal sized human? So hard to decide.

Cover Image Credit: Olivia Willoughby

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The Shape Of The Monster: Depression

The second piece in a series about mental illness.


The last thing I want to do is glorify mental illness, give it a platform, give it a name. But I need to talk about it, to work through it, to show that it's something many people experience.

It goes like this.

Hey! Sorry I haven't called you back. Everything has been so busy.

Every time I think about even picking up the phone and calling you, something heavy but familiar sets in my stomach like a weight.

You know how things get.

You know how easy it is to want to slip into absolute nothingness, right?

I've been trying to write, but my writer's block has been limiting me a lot.

Everything I write is so bad. The flow is off. It doesn't sound like me. It feels so crooked and wrong. I can't do anything right.

How are things? Has work been alright?

I hope you feel successful. I hope things are easier for you. I hope you are as happy as you seem.

I'm okay.

I don't want to be here. I don't want to be anywhere. I feel crooked and wrong like I just want to scream and cry and dissolve.

I've just been so tired!

I have been tired for at least a decade. Tired of never sleeping. Tired of never feeling anything more than either absolute devastation and absolute nothingness. Tired. Tired. Tired.

I hope I can see you soon.

I hope I can bring myself to get out of bed and out into the world. I hope I can force myself to shower, and get dressed, and be a contributor to society, to social obligations.

I miss you.

I miss you.

I love you.

I love you.

I promise to call as soon as things lighten up a bit.

As long as the chemical imbalance doesn't destroy me altogether, hopefully, I can feign vague interest for a short phone call.


Goodbye for now, maybe goodbye forever, maybe I'll work up the courage to call you in another 2, 5, 7 weeks or so. My life is made of "maybes." Maybe one-day things will be better. Maybe one day I'll be happy. Maybe one day I won't be anything. Maybe.

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