Finals Week As Told By: Friday Night Lights

Finals week is the most stressful time in a college student's life, and between the papers, tests and assignments due it is a lot. Friday Night Lights with Coach Taylor and the Dillon Panthers can relate.

1. Realizing it is finals week and everyone is doomed.

2. When the breakdowns begin.

3. When people actually dare ask you this:

4. Someone tries to help tutor you... and it doesn't work out well

5. Taking your first final and trying to show some positivity.

6. That ONE professor who's life mission must be torturing students, but you're a good person.

7. That "Pep Talk" your parents give you to keep you focused.

8. When finals week has only just begun.

9. When you just want to give up but your positive friends prevent you

10. When you think you fail so you have to just pick yourself back up

11. Realizing finals are almost over and you may have actually survived.

12. Finishing finals week and showing all the negative people you did it.

13. And the one Friday Night Lights quote that will get you through anything:

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