How Finals Make Me Feel

Finals season is the time when everyone loses their absolute minds. I would like to think I stay sane for the most part, but in reality, I am a complete mess. Lots of energy drinks and low amounts of sleep mix together terribly, but hey, it's worth it in the end. This article will be photos of my favorite TV shows that describe exactly how I feel during finals.

1. When someone asks if I am mentally stable during finals.

2. That feeling when your professor tells you it'll be a take-home exam.

3. When you look at your best friend during a final and you both realize you know nothing.

4. When the Loras internet goes out.

5. When your brain tells you Netflix isn't a priority.

6. That feeling of knowing you completely bombed a final.

7. I'm an education major, so when I complain about finals this is the reaction I get.

8. Going into a final knowing it's going to make or break you.

9. When I can't tell if I'm functioning anymore.

10. When you finally get home but receive your grades later that week.

11. And to finally sum up finals when it's all said and done.

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