Being A Woman In Donald Trump's World
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Being A Woman In Donald Trump's World

Why our generation of feminists will prevail.

Being A Woman In Donald Trump's World

Often times, when someone hears the word "feminist", they think of women who hate men or want women to rule the world (partially true). Feminist has become a word in our culture to mean something negative.

But what really is a feminist? The simplest way to describe a feminist is simply as someone who wants equality for all sexes.

In today's world, with a fascist, racist and sexist president, being a woman has become increasingly hard. Women are losing basic rights to their own bodies, we're having to publicly speak out on national television about rapes that happened 30 years prior, we're having to argue about we choose to wear and we're having to hold marches to remind powerful white men that we are people too.

Just last month, Missouri's Republican-majority House passed a bill that would ban almost all abortions if the U.S. Supreme Court were to overturn Roe v. Wade.

With no exceptions for incest or rape, the House decided, on the unwanted behalf of Missouri women, that abortions would no longer be permitted except for in cases where it is a medical emergency.

Before that, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford publicly defended herself, suffered from multiple attempts by congressmen to discredit her, and cried with women across the nation as Judge Brett Kavanaugh was getting confirmed.

She described the night of her unwanted sexual encounter with Brett Kavanaugh in great detail and explained to the panel that she did not want to be there, but felt like it was her duty as a citizen to speak up.

But these all lead back to one individual's wishy-washy ideologies. When Donald Trump was officially elected into the United States Presidency, I remember audibly sobbing.

The electoral college elected a man who had never been shy about the way he treated women. It's frightening, as a young woman, to see this kind vulgarity for the simple fact that younger generations who will be eventually controlling our world are soaking in everything he says like a sponge.

The day Donald Trump was elected was the day I began defining myself as a feminist and being damn proud of it.

Abortion laws, Dr. Ford, Anita Hill, Donald Trump, and #MeToo are all things that should light a fire underneath all of our breathtaking booties to create positive change for ourselves, our nieces and our future daughters and granddaughters. We can't continue to accept the things that are happening in our society. It's time to stand up and demand that we are paid equally, respected and, most importantly to me, be able to choose what we do with our own bodies. Nasty women unite.

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