I Am A Female And I Am So Over Feminists

I Am A Female And I Am So Over Feminists

I believe that I am a strong woman, but I also believe in a strong man.

Beliefs are beliefs, and everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’m all about girl power, but in today’s world, it’s getting shoved down our throats. Relax feminists, we’re OK.

My inspiration actually came from a man (God forbid, a man has ideas these days). One afternoon my boyfriend was telling me about a discussion his class had regarding female sports and how TV stations air fewer female competitions than that of males. In a room where he and his other male classmate were completely outnumbered, he didn’t have much say in the discussion.

Apparently, it was getting pretty heated in the room, and the women in the class were going on and on about how society is unfair to women in this aspect and that respect for the female population is diminishing quickly.

If we’re being frank here, it’s a load of bull.

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First of all, this is the 21st century. Women have never been more respected. Women have more rights in the United States than anywhere else in the world. As far as sports go, TV stations are going to air the sports that get the most ratings. On a realistic level, how many women are turning on Sports Center in the middle of the day? Not enough for TV stations to make money. It’s a business, not a boycott against female athletics.

Whatever happened to chivalry? Why is it so “old fashioned” to allow a man to do the dirty work or pay for meals? Feminists claim that this is a sign of disrespect, yet when a man offers to pick up the check or help fix a flat tire (aka being a gentleman), they become offended. It seems like a bit of a double standard to me. There is a distinct divide between both the mental and physical makeup of a male and female body. There is a reason for this. We are not equals. The male is made of more muscle mass, and the woman has a more efficient brain (I mean, I think that’s pretty freaking awesome).

The male body is meant to endure more physical while the female is more delicate. So, quite frankly, at a certain point in life, there need to be restrictions on integrating the two. For example, during that same class discussion that I mentioned before, one of the young ladies in the room complained about how the NFL does not allow female athletes. I mean, really? Can you imagine being tackled by a 220-pound linebacker? Of course not. Our bodies are different. It’s not “inequality,” it’s just science.

And while I can understand the concern in regard to money and women making statistically less than men do, let’s consider some historical facts. If we think about it, women branching out into the workforce is still relatively new in terms of history. Up until about the '80s or so, many women didn’t work as much as they do now (no disrespect to the women that did work to provide for themselves and their families—you go ladies!). We are still climbing the charts in 2016.

Though there is still considered to be a glass ceiling for the working female, it’s being shattered by the perseverance and strong mentality of women everywhere. So, let’s stop blaming men and society for how we continue to “struggle” and praise the female gender for working hard to make a mark in today’s workforce. We’re doing a kick-ass job, let’s stop the complaining.

I consider myself to be a very strong and independent female. But that doesn’t mean that I feel the need to put down the opposite gender for every problem I endure. Not everything is a man’s fault. Let’s be realistic ladies, just as much as they are boneheads from time to time, we have the tendency to be a real pain in the tush.

It’s a lot of give and take. We don’t have to pretend we don’t need our men every once in a while. It’s OK to be vulnerable. Men and women are meant to complement one another—not to be equal or to over-power. The genders are meant to balance each other out. There’s nothing wrong with it.

I am all for being a proud woman and having confidence in what I say and do. I believe in myself as a powerful female and human being. However, I don’t believe that being a female entitles me to put down men and claim to be the “dominant” gender. There is no “dominant” gender. There’s just men and women. Women and men. We coincide with each other, that’s that. Time to embrace it.

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I bet you know all too well how familiar these things are:

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And you’ve never really been a fan of slow walkers or talkers.

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10 Things Lefties Know All Too Well

It's a right-handed world, and we're living in it.

Making up 10% of the world's population, us left-handed people are the vast minority. We are constantly reminded of this statistic which is, yes, flattering but also a reminder that the world is prepared for a population of right-handed people. Hey, we have neither outnumbered the right-handed population nor gone extinct which suggests that our dominant hand has not given us any survival advantage or disadvantage. But we do have our shared experiences and challenges of being lefties living in a right-handed world.

Here are 10 things us lefties know all too well:

1. Other people's amazement when you sign your name.

Oftentimes when I have to sign my name or fill out a form, people act like they're witnessing a lunar eclipse because I'm using a pen with my left hand. Yes, sometimes I enjoy getting told how unique I am, but come on, I'm just putting my name on a line. It's not that exciting.

2. The crippling inability to write on a straight line.

Because we (inconveniently) have to write left to right, it can be awkward to do that when we're left-handed. When I'm not writing on lined paper, I write pretty much on a diagonal. Even when I am writing on lined paper, sometimes, I write pretty much on a diagonal (notice my English notes above).

3. Ink covering the side of your hand.

Once again, the whole writing left to right rule is awkward when you're left-handed. When I write in pen, the side of my hand drags over the words I have already written and by the end, my hand is covered in ink. People have looked at me in horror and asked about the "bruise" on the side of my hand. It's from a pen, calm down. Yes, this is actually my hand after I took an essay-based exam.

4. Elbowing the right-handed person next to you.

All lefties know (and can probably calculate the frequency of) how often they elbow a right-handed person sitting to the left of them when they're doing something with their left hand. The person may get mad, but hey, we can't help that we're so special. One time, I sat in a very cramped lecture hall only to discover that, to the left of me, was another lefty! Never had I felt luckier to not have to apologize every time I elbowed somebody.

5. Using everyday tools is a struggle.

From the discriminatory design of three-ring binders to the scarce supply lefty scissors in art class, most people automatically assume that every single person in this world is right-handed. One time, I was trying to use the right-handed can opener in the kitchen and I had to figure out a more creative way to open up the pumpkin puree, a creative way that left me with a bleeding hand.

6. Identifiable handwriting.

Many of us lefties are known to have "lefty handwriting." At least I know I do. With a distinct slant and "odd" ways of writing certain letters, people recognize my penmanship. I learned the hard way that I can never hand write anonymous notes because everybody knows my printing.

7. "Are you a lefty?"

I love when I complete a task with my left hand and I always get asked this question. If I'm feeling snarky, I respond with, "I'm not. My right hand is just tired." Of course I am! I would never choose to have my handwriting look like a kindergartner's or awkwardly try to lift food into my mouth, so therefore I will not use my right hand.

8. Right-handed desks.

As a college student, these right-handed desks in big lecture halls are the bane of my existence. I often have to lean or twist my body in weird ways to reach over and write on the opposite side. Believe me, it's not fun to have a backache after I try to take notes in class.

9. Making the transition to become ambidextrous.

Maybe ambidextrous is an exaggeration, but I did have to train myself to switch to my right hand for certain tasks. Since my guitar teacher could not teach me how to play guitar with my left hand, I learned with my right. I also played field hockey and had to learn how to use a hockey stick with my right hand since left-handed sticks were illegal.

10. Coming to the realization that the world isn't built for you, but you're special anyway.

Studies prove that lefties are more accustomed to doing right-handed tasks than righties are to do left-handed tasks because of the world's bias towards righties. Lefties are also quicker thinkers with an ability to process information faster across both sides of the brain. While often the odd ones out in many respects, we actually have neurological and physical advantages. Our dominant hand can be our secret weapon!

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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