Feeling Down?

Have life, circumstances, and people had you feeling down lately? I would just like to say a few short but very important truths, truths people might not always tell you, but you need and deserve to hear them.

The first truth is that you matter. You were born and put into this beautiful, wild world for a reason. Your voice matters. Your opinions and emotions are real and they are valid. You are capable of achieving your dreams and being successful. You have potential you might not even be fully aware of. People may put you down sometimes. Perhaps what's even worse is that you might be the one standing in your own way by putting yourself down and being overly critical and harsh on yourself. Sometimes it's really hard to love yourself and see your own beauty and your own worth. Anxiety, depression, fear, self-doubt, and so many other things can be barriers to our happiness. We must break these barriers. Like an obstacle course or track field, we will encounter these hurdles on the path of life. But you must knock them down, hop over them, and find a way around them. Never lose hope. Never underestimate your own abilities, gifts, and talents. Please, please don't give up. I know sometimes you feel like you are breaking and like you just can't handle things anymore.

You are brave. You are stronger than you think. You are beautiful. You are smart. You are a miracle and you have an incredible life and journey to live. You are an incredible person with a unique, original story to tell.

People love you and care about you. If you are struggling at all, need any help, need any advice, find the people you can trust and count on, and go to them. Find solace in your family, friends, teachers, religious leaders, therapists, counselors, simply anyone you know will be there for you and who has your best interest at heart.

Pursue your passions, live your truth, enjoy your life, love others, and love yourself.

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