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I'm Proud To Have Felt The Bern In 2016 Because America Will Win In 2020

Stadiums will once again ring with chants of "Break 'em up!" except this time followed by a deserved nomination and presidency.


"Bernie would have won" is a phrase that will never have been said enough in the midst of the catastrophic Trump presidency.

Even three years later, I never cease to be amazed that a remote senator from nowhere, also known as Vermont, managed to score 43 percent of the (popular) vote against the corporate juggernaut Hillary Clinton. The Democratic National Convention itself was geared towards their prodigal Clinton and Bernie came close to the win.

In the primary, he used grassroots movements in denial of corporate Washington as well as his populist policies to wow the Democratic base with someone more genuine than any other before. Bernie isn't just someone you like more than the other guy. Bernie was the candidate to fight for.

Bernie would have won rings mainly because it rings true. He did better in every match-up comparatively to Hillary, most notably against Trump himself. In fact, he would have been quite literally the best and only candidate to oppose him.

It's nearly poetic that the face of corporate America, Donald Trump would be bested by seemingly the only candidate truly looking out and fighting for the working and lower class. Trump claimed he wanted to drain the swamp and then proceeded to fill it. Bernie would legitimately drain the swamp left boggier than any before it.

When I think of the Bernie 2016 campaign, I think of a movement more emotionally invigorating than any before it. Of course, I'm one in a younger generation too young for the historic election of President Obama, but I cannot imagine anything short of the nomination of Sanders that would more tear me apart emotionally than when the primary results were finalized in 2016.

Beyond being someone genuine, consistent and honest, Bernie's policies themselves are those of America. His political revolution polls well, and that's simply a fact.

Of course, corporate America would have you think he's an irredeemable socialist. Hey you guys, it's far from the good ol' 1970s where socialists were the enemy and that's that. Democratic socialism is the political choice of some of the most progressive countries in the world.

One of the most common things I hear in response to my certainty of a Sanders presidency is "But what about Joe Biden? I like him. I think he's going to win." At first I was kind of blindsided by this remark, as I realized I know little more about Joe Biden than Biden Bro memes.

As it turns out, Biden is just another corporate Democrat.

In 1995, Biden wrote the Omnibus Counterterrorism Act. This later became the Patriot Act (which he voted for in 2001), the act which gave away your privacy rights when it comes to searching from the government.

In 1996, Biden voted against gay marriage. In comparison, Bernie Sanders has been supporting even trans pride parades in his city of Burlington, Vermont even decades before this.

In 1999, Biden helped repeal the Glass Steagall Act. This has allowed banks to become too big to fail (and was one of the direct actions that helped facilitate the recession of 2008).

In 2002, Biden voted to send Americans to fight for unproven WMDs in Iraq. Meanwhile, Bernie proved his supposedly elusive international know-how by predicting exactly what happened in Iraq over the past two decades.

If these decisions sound familiar, that's because all of these decisions were the exact ones made by the corporate Democrats led by Hillary Clinton. Bernie ripped her for these horrible decisions in debates in 2016, and he's sure to lay it out for us if Biden decides to run in 2020.

Bernie will win in 2020. He is the candidate who believes in the policies that America wants. Any other choice is subpar, the most notable of which is current President Trump. Get out that aloe vera America, and prepare yourself to feel the Bern.

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