Farewell To The Voice Of LA: Vin Scully
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Farewell To The Voice Of LA: Vin Scully

Dear Vin...

Farewell To The Voice Of LA: Vin Scully

Sunday September 25, 2016 marked the last home game at the Los Angeles, Dodgers stadium narrated by Vin Scully. The game began with a montage of Vin and during the monologue he shared, "I always felt that I needed you more than you needed me." Well Vin, I can assure you on the behalf of a life-long Dodgers fan, we need you just as much.

Before the Los Angeles Dodgers were from L.A. they were the Brooklyn Dodgers. The one thing that didn't change during that transition was the voice of the Dodgers, the man, the myth, the legend; Mr. Vin Scully. Sure you can watch baseball on the MLB network, or ESPN, and listen to their narrators and reporters, but they aren't Vin Scully. Vin's voice will light up your day in an instant, and his knowlege of the game will inspire you, and even teach you about it. There's no other narrator that can take you back to a game 50 years ago, and relive the moment as they explain to you what it was like, because odds are, they weren't around like Vin was. Vin can describe a moment to you, and compare players like nobody else can.

I have unconsciously listened to his voice my entire life. I can't really say when was the first time I ever heard him narrate a Dodger game because I was probably an infant. But I can still recall as a child, during long drives my dad would at times change the radio station to check the score, and of course hear an update from Vin.

Many have shared their memories of or with Vin but nothing resonated in my mind like Chris Hatcher's tweet. Hatcher, a pitcher for the Dodgers shared "I used to think I wanted Morgan Freeman to narrate everything. My mind has changed, that now belongs to Vin Scully. His voice is magical."

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