I love summer as much as the next person. The beach is my heaven and the warm nights are wonderful, but I think fall is the best season hands down and here are a few reasons why.

1. The crisp air that doesn't make you shiver or sweat.

This weather is the perfect weather for jeans and sweatshirts. What is more comfortable that that? I am quite sure that I am not the only one who gets sick of wearing tank tops all the time.

2. There is nothing better than sightseeing in the fall.

The trees change and show off their vibrant colors. Everything seems to be more beautiful and breathtaking at this time.

3. We cannot forget Halloween of course.

Besides the costumes and the scary movies. there are places that have the best scenes, walks, and haunted hay rides. The excitement never ends. Also, apple cider is sold everywhere.

4. Fall is the season for layering.

I find that dressing in warm clothes, wearing your favorite hat, and grabbing a coffee with your partner in crime, is the best way to spend these fall days. I love walking through parks, drinking a latte, and crunching through leaves. Nothing beats that happiness.

5. Football, pumpkin carving, and everything fall.

Need I say more?

Fall is quite possibly the most relaxing season, so take advantage of it and enjoy it before we get that horrible thing we call snow!