10 Fall Date Ideas That'll Make You Stop Brooding Over The End Of Summer
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10 Fall Date Ideas That'll Make You Stop Brooding Over The End Of Summer

Summer is gone, but the fall dates are just beginning.

10 Fall Date Ideas That'll Make You Stop Brooding Over The End Of Summer

Fall is finally here! Yes, you may be bummed that your typical summer date spots are starting to close. But never fear! Just because hot, humid summer is gone doesn't mean there aren't fun date spots to be had in the fall.

In fact, fall can seem a bit more romantic. The weather is chillier, the leaves are turning colors and you just know that your man is going to offer you his jacket — how sweet!

So, before it becomes a gloomy winter, get out of bed, throw on a sweater or flannel with some Uggs and go on an awesome fall date! What are you waiting for? Hurry!

Visit a pumpkin patch.

What's cuter than getting your bae and cuddling up while picking out pumpkins? Nothing. Exactly!

Bonus: Once you two get home, you can decorate the pumpkins together.

Visit your local haunted house.

Will it be scary? Yes. Will the fun you have outweigh the scares? Also yes.

Don't forget! You get to be held while you're scared. You'll feel super safe in babe's arms, and you'll both have a good scream.

Snuggle by a bonfire.

The weather is chilly — perfect for sitting by a warm fire. You just need some s'mores, and the date is complete!

Visit an artsy coffee shop.

Hey! You're both free on Saturday! Wouldn't it be fun to find a super cute coffee shop that has some Insta-worthy latte designs? Even if you have to drive a distance, babe's presence will warm you up more than the coffee. I promise!

Visit an apple orchard.

Picking apples has been a thing for a while now, and it probably isn't going anywhere for a long time.

High branch you want to reach? No problem! I'm sure babe would love to help you reach the top branch.

Visit a cornmaze.

A big maze and darkness equals a lot of snuggle time with your honey!

What's better than wearing some old jeans and shoes that you don't mind getting all grossed up by the mud? Also, you guys can sneak through the maze and sneak in some cute smooches when you hit the checkpoints! Score!

Stop at a vineyard.

The perfect fall scene: grapes, tasteful wines and good cheeses if you get lucky. Maybe you can even take a tour of the place! Oh, and I'm sure that you'll both agree on a wine to take home for later.

Watch a scary movie.

If it's too chilly, why not stay indoors and cuddle up on the couch with a typical horror movie? You may get scared, but you'll both be safe in each other's arms.

Host a costume party.

Teamwork makes the dream work! Team up with your partner and host a costume party for your friends and family. You can pick out cute costumes, buy a ton of food and find cute decorations. Nothing gets better than that. Really.

Shop at your local farmers market.

Farmers markets are busier than ever around this time of year. What more of an excuse do you need to hang out with your sweetie?

If you don't have time for a longer date, just stop by your local farmers market. That's just enough time to hang out with babe. Also, you guys can get some apples to bake a pie — another excuse to see each other!

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