Facebook Is Not A Diary
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Facebook Is Not A Diary

Face your problems, don't Facebook them.

Facebook Is Not A Diary

Dear Users of Facebook,

I'm sure many of you understand that Facebook is mainly used to keep in touch with friends and family, post a couple of pictures of your vacations, check-in to new restaurants or favorite spots to let people know what you like, and for a quick status update about how things in your life are going. What some people don't understand is that Facebook is not a diary. Let me repeat that, FACEBOOK IS NOT A DIARY.

To some extent I'm sure each of us, myself included, have posted a little too much but there are some people that take things to the absolute extreme. I get it, new relationships are fun and exciting and you want to tell the world about them, but we don't need to see six posts daily about the way their eyes sparkle. We've all done it, but most of us grow out of it. Just because we don't plaster it all over Facebook 24/7 doesn't mean we don't have a happy relationship.

We don't need you to post "Stacy did this thing today at work and it made me mad" and the 4 paragraphs of explanation. Everyone gets mad at people but we don't need to tell Facebook why it happened, when it happened, or who is to blame.

Nobody cares to hear about every single illness that you have. Oh you stubbed your toe? That sucks but I don't need to see 47 pictures of a bruise that isn't even there. Oh you have a headache today? No you don't have a tumor. Oh, you sneezed? No you aren't dying of the flu. Facebook certainly isn't a doctor. If you're concerned enough that you need sympathy from people on Facebook, please consult a doctor. Of course people may say they are sick, but trust me, you don't have a new issue every single day.

We don't need to hear about your drama with your family members. Keep that to yourself. Don't air your dirty laundry on the Internet. That's not classy and it makes you look stupid.

Take your crap off of Facebook and face them. Facebook isn't your diary. It's not meant for that. Please knock it off.

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