Dear Ex-Best Friend,

This is for you, and all the things I should have told you. But you never gave me that chance, did you?

I often used to wonder why you ghosted me.

We used to do everything together. From sleepovers, to eating out every day, and going to the lake. There was never a day where we weren't seen together and it felt so amazing. It was like I had finally found that place where I completely fit in and I'd finally found that one person who I could literally tell everything to.

But then you vanished from my life.

Now, we don't do anything together and I never see you anymore. I guess wouldn't change a thing because I learned from those experiences with you. We were toxic and we hurt a lot of the people around us. We were at our worst when we were together and I guess I was too blind to see it.

I was blind, but I finally opened my eyes to reality.

I realized that it was probably for the best that we parted ways because we were no good around each other. When we were friends, I pushed out my old friends like they meant nothing to me. The more we hung out, I became a different person, and it was someone I wasn't proud of.

So, dear ex-best friend, I have to say thank you. Thank you for showing me what a toxic friendship looks like and thank you for showing me how NOT to treat people. Thank you for showing me that when I was with you, it wasn't the person I wanted to become.

So I will no longer sulk over you, or get upset when I think about our friendship, but rather I will look at it as a learning experience. I really learned this lesson from you: just because you get new friends doesn't give you the right to push your old ones out.

Lastly, I really do wish you the best, my ex-best friend, and I hope that in the future you too can grow from the person that you are now. I hope that you find your own happiness, because I have found mine. You essentially ghosted me and honestly I think that was the best thing that ever happened to me.