During the chaotic blur that is finals week, it is easy to lose yourself in the alarming amounts of stress the end of the semester brings. You may think that by excessively pushing yourself you are going to receive the best outcome, AKA your best possible grade. This is not usually the case. By overloading your brain and binging on caffeine, you are hurting yourself (duh) and potentially hurting your grade. But this can easily be avoided by just taking care of yourself and preparing for the week's struggles in advance.

Here are 15 tips and tricks to help you get through finals weeks!

1. Don't overload on caffeine

Put down that 13th cup of coffee and ask yourself, "Is my whole body vibrating, or has there been a continuous earthquake for the past 3 hours?" because it's probably every fiber in your body aggressively shaking.

2. Eat healthy snacks

Stress eater? Ate an entire family sized box of Cheez-Its in one sitting? Maybe eat some veggies because ya know #brainfood?

3. Stay hydrated


4. Arrive early to your exams

I'm talking to all the procrastinators out there (aka myself).

5. Stock up on scantrons and blue books in advance

Because there is nothing more stressful than going to buy them on the day of and there not being any. This has happened to be twice (because I hate myself) and both times I wished a train would've come out of nowhere and obliterated me.

6. Remember to exercise

I mean I guess... It couldn't hurt, and it's (apparently) a good stress relief.

7. Take little breaks

Don't sit down for four hours at a time, setting your brain on fire. Take little breaks to ease the pain of studying.


I put this in all caps because I am hoping that will help it sink it (for myself). I am notorious for pulling all-nighters and lemme tell ya, the success rate is upsettingly low.

9. Study with a friend

Preferably a responsible one that won't distract you very much. Basically, just someone to keep an eye on you to make sure you are doing your work. So....basically a babysitter?

10. Do your laundry the week before exams

Or any chores that take up a LOAD of your time (lol see what I did there? I'm the worst).

11. Study in a good environment

So somewhere clean or peaceful. I've noticed coffee places become overrun with students during finals so beware of that.

12. Stay off social media

I mean, you don't have to completely abstain from Twitter (or whatever social media you always find yourself drawn to) but maybe ease off a tad.

13. Eat a healthy breakfast

I feel like this is very obvious, but I still ignore it most days so, don't be like me.

14. Manage your time

Prioritize your studying.

15. And remember that summer is just A FEW DAYS AWAY!!!

So just pull through for these next few days and soon you will be out of your misery :')