5 Entrepreneurial Qualities That Every Budding Business Person Must Possess

5 Entrepreneurial Qualities That Every Budding Business Person Must Possess

The journey of an entrepreneur is full of ups and downs.


Business, as we know, is not everyone's cup of tea; it requires too much knowledge and patience to outnumber your contemporaries in the competitive market and to achieve success in your endeavor. That is why it's very crucial that you understand the several tactics and aspects of being an entrepreneur before taking the plunge. As because, the gains in business might be eye-catching, but when you have to incur losses, it takes away everything that you gained all throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

Here, we are going to discuss some characteristics of the budding entrepreneurs who are new in the business so as to throw some light on their necessary qualities. It is essential to possess these qualities when you aim higher in achieving success for your professional journey.

Be wise but not cunning- it is a well-known fact that the competition in any market is stiff and thus one needs to be very wise to sustain amidst such competitions but being wise and being cunning are completely two different things. To survive better and to achieve success, a marketer needs to be honest and wise in business dealing such as client handling, business litigations, mergers & acquisitions and other such factors which are important for the growth of the business. When you start being jealous of your contemporaries or start deceitful means to conquer anything, then you must realize that your downfall has begun.

Concentrate on your employees as much as your clients- it is a common trend that marketers do not focus on their employees as much as they do on their clients. But this mentality should be changed for good as we must remember that it is because of the employees that you get your clients. If your employees do not do their respective works on a serious note, then chances are high that you might miss out on your clients as well. So, for the ones who eye for greater achievements in their entrepreneurial journeys, must well be aware of the fact that employees are the key towards their success.

Take risks only according to your limit- a majority of people make a common mistake of taking risks which they cannot afford later on. And by taking risks, it involves financial security and client satisfaction. At times the marketers might not be able to fulfill the commitments that they made to their clients but anyway made it, then is the times they should realize that they are taking the risk for their own loss. When you can't fulfill your professional commitments, it leaves a deeper scar on your professional reputation. Moreover, in terms of taking loans or investing in something big you should be doing it only when you know that you can recover the losses if it occurs!

Keep a Broader Mindset- when people get stuck on the "I know all" attitude, then it becomes hard to achieve success, no matter what trade they are into. We must never keep our thought into a limited enclosure as that would always push us towards more losses than profits. We should be broad-minded regarding ideas and visions that would benefit our professional feat. An idea may come from anywhere; whether it is big or small doesn't matter, what matters is that how effective it is in making your business grow! And thus, a marketer must always be open to such ideas in every arena of life.

Have Patience- we all know that 'patience is the key' in everything that we do in this world. Sometimes, it may become very agonizing to deal with certain situations, and you might want to give up or indulge in unfair means, but when you show patience, it would gradually draw you towards success.

The closure

The journey of an entrepreneur is full of ups and downs where the profits and losses are infinite at times and sometimes limited as well. We need to be very sharp in our visions when we make up our mind to start a new venture in the form of entrepreneurship. The skills which we need to run a business might be old, but the tactics must be followed according to the ongoing trends of the market.

When you are entitled to newer ideas and developing strategies, chances are more that you will achieve success way better than those who are stuck on the age-old ideas in the name of tradition and culture. It doesn't mean these things are not important but the evolution and mixture of these two in running a business works wonder in delivering better results to the business person. The qualities that are mentioned above proves to be very beneficial in climbing the ladder of success in the journey of being an entrepreneur.

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8 Things You Need To Know About Selling On Redbubble

Everyone buys their stickers from Redbubble, but have you ever wanted to be the one making them?

As someone who loves to fool around in Photoshop and Illustrator, I saw Redbubble as a chance to flex my skills as a graphic designer. The massive popularity of them provided me with an opportunity to make a little money on the side doing something I not only enjoyed but could do when the mood struck me. It seemed like a win-win, but there were a few things I wish I knew before I started making stickers.

1. Don't expect to be rolling in dough.

It took a month and maybe 10 different designs before I sold any of my stickers. I joined in October of 2017, and I have sold about 20 stickers.

2. Redbubble stickers are expensive for a reason.

At this point, I have sold about 20 stickers which may seem like a lot, until you find out how much I make per sticker. The artist sets how much they make after Redbubble’s share, so artists can set it as low as 0% profit (which means the sticker sells for $2.29).

3. Buying 10 and getting 50% off is great when you're the one buying the stickers...

...but it sucks when you’re the one selling them. I make an average of 20% per sticker, so when you buy my $2.75 sticker for $1.38, I only make 23¢.

4. Make things you would buy.

If there’s something you want to buy, but it doesn’t exist, make it. Keep in mind as well that if you wouldn't buy it, odds are that not too many other people would.

5. Try to offer variations.

You might make a design in blue and love it, but consider offering it in different colors. Someone might love the design but hate the color.

6. Make your designs as versatile as possible.

Redbubble is primarily known for its stickers, but your designs can be put on anything from a poster to a wall clock. Take advantage of that because more expensive items mean you make more for the same design when they sell.

7. Keywords are KEY.

You want your designs to be as visible as possible, so take advantage of all the tools they give you. Try to tag your design with anything that might relate to it; you want it to pop up in as many tags as possible.

8. Do your research.

If you are interested in making something, search one of the keywords and see how many results there are for it. Sometimes there is a need, and you can fill it.

I have enjoyed my time on Redbubble nonetheless, and I recommend it to anyone who likes to design or draw. It’s certainly not a good way to get rich quick, but I enjoy it. Every time someone purchases one of my stickers, I feel this rush of pride in knowing someone liked something that I designed. That's a big reason why I continue to put designs on Redbubble.

Cover Image Credit: Meagan McDowell

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Why Ellena Whitfield Became YouTube's 'EllenaWhat'

A conversation with Ellena Whitfield on the future of YouTube, journalism, and social media.


Ellena Whitfield, popularly known as "EllenaWhat" has taken advantage of the social media revolution with the success of her YouTube channel, which has a following of 65,000 subscribers.

YouTube has become the gateway to success for many young internet influencers as the site became second-most popular in the world as of August 2018.

Whitfield has applied her success online to her schooling at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. With an aspiration to become a Rolling Stone or Alternative Press journalist, Whitfield creates weekly music reviews to her channel.

"I think YouTube is relevant because of the culture our generation expresses. We grew up with the boom of social media and it's our modern-day entertainment on a more personal level. Our parents experienced the same thing through the boom of television. This is why we've started to idolize influencers like they are movie stars," Whitfield said.


Whitfield has met many other young and successful influencers during her time at ASU and the making of her channel. Her cousin, Kendall Rae, a YouTuber with 1 million subscribers inspired her to create her channel.

Whitfield expressed that she would love to become a full-time YouTuber, but there is always the fear that the platform will crash.

"One of the biggest YouTube influencers, Jeffree Star, was making money off of Myspace and then all of a sudden the platform, which seemed revolutionary at the time, crashed and he was forced to live on his friend's couches for a while," Whitfield said.

Even with the fear of YouTube ending, Whitfield said her YouTube channel has given her a platform and the experience she needs to succeed as a journalist. Whitfield said that YouTube not only helped her gain a social relevance, but it gave her experience on how to make relevant and timely content.

Ellena Whitfield Showing Me How She Films Her VideosLauren Hernandez

Human communication professor, Steven Corman emphasizes Whitfield's point on the importance of present-day journalists adopting the social revolution.

"Mainstream media and social media are part of a shared ecosystem. Mainstream media uses social media as a source of information, and social media plays an important role in distributing stories from mainstream media. Journalists need to embrace both if they want to be successful in creating stories and reaching larger audiences with those stories," Corman said.

The most unique aspect of journalism is that it is forever expanding. There are many new platforms and ways of sharing news such as YouTube that allows journalists to spread news faster than ever.


Lexi Varrato, the social media director of ASU's AWSM club strives to evolve with journalism, especially when it comes to the club she helps run as it is one of the most important aspects of journalism to stay relevant.

"Having a social platform as a journalist is crucial because it helps you build your brand and create a presence in an era that is so technologically focused. Not only will you create your image, but it allows you to make connections that will help you further your career," Varrato said.

The rise of young influencers is very inspiring to Whitfield as she says it is realistic to make a career as an influencer. She said that YouTube can lead creators to many different careers such as creating a fashion line or becoming a journalist as she aspires.

Whitfield plans to keep her channel as long as YouTube exists because she loves every aspect of documenting her life and sharing it with her audience. Whitfield expressed that she cannot wait to see where YouTube is in a couple years and believes many college students should give YouTube a try.

"People that have millions of subscribers all started with zero. If you don't start now you're never going to know what could happen," Whitfield said.

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