Enjoy Your Journey—Live In The Present For You And For Everyone Around You
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Enjoy Your Journey—Live In The Present For You And For Everyone Around You

Don't limit your adventures, and don't worry about getting off track with “your” step-by-step guide to live a perfect life.

Enjoy Your Journey—Live In The Present For You And For Everyone Around You
Photo by Ezra Jeffrey on Unsplash

We all have goals—go to school, get a degree, find a job, get married, and live your happily ever after. No matter how different we are, we all have a vision of how our life is supposed to be, but often this is not what our reality looks like.

This may be attributed to unappreciatively moving through life too quickly, and always wanting more than we have. Living this way, we are always going to be unsatisfied with our journey, even when we reach our goals.

I am not suggesting that one should avoid looking to the future. We can live building for things to come, but only briefly. We need those moments to plan and to make commitments to our loved ones, but living in the future and missing the here and now will only cause restlessness and unease in your life.

The same goes for living in your past. You should let those moments be brief and let yourself heal from each moment. By living in the past, you will continue to be held down by prior failures.Dwelling on each moment that could have been different will only cause more pain, so you should live in the present for you and for everyone around you.

When we stay in the present during life’s journey, we leave our hearts open to experiences and opportunities. Don't limit your adventures, and don't worry about getting off track with “your” step-by-step guide to live a perfect life.

Life has a unique way of working itself out if you put full trust in the process. When you look back on life, you won't regret living in the present; you won't regret enjoying every piece of life's magic, and you most definitely won't regret opening your heart to the people around you.

Each stop on your journey is a lesson that we need to learn from for our body and our souls. Welcome each lesson with open arms. Let it change you, let it inform you, and let it teach you every lesson it so desperately desires to teach you. Each experience shapes who we are today, and who are we to deny the lessons of the world?

Opening your heart to the present moment for each place and person on your journey is the greatest reflection of yourself.

If we live with this idea that we need to wait for tomorrow to have a better today, that is all our days are going to be filled with…waiting for more tomorrows.

Living in the moment has become extremely difficult due to technology. If we could just put down our phones, computers, and everything else distracting us from what is going on around in the now, maybe the destination wouldn't seem impossible to reach.

Maybe the journey wouldn't be so long and dreaded. Focusing on the present moment allows you to experience all of life's magic. If we want to change our lives, we need to do something radically new, such as approach life in a different way.

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