The weekend is a time to relax, unwind, and dread the coming of another week filled with classes, homework, and jobs. The best time of the weekend isn't going out on Friday night, or brunch Saturday morning, but the time where you veg out on Sunday afternoon doing absolutely nothing.

Lying around with no pants on watching Netflix is completely socially acceptable.

You know everyone is doing exactly what you are, and you're all together in solidarity with your laziness.

Regardless of the weather your bed is always cozy.

Knowing that your cocoon is a Sunday safe haven is a feeling like no other.

But if you do end up going outside on a nice day everything feels worry-free.

There is nothing like lounging around outside on a bright Sunday afternoon just soaking everything in.

De-stressing before the week starts is a must.

If there were no lazy Sundays then no week would start off well. Lazy Sundays restart the stress meter so you can de-stress again in 7 days' time.

Your liver needs it.

The weekends tend to be rough, especially this past one--Halloweekend. Your liver, and probably your head (which is aching), need some time to rest before heading back to the real world.