You know how every family claims there is a favorite child and usually there is not. My mom says she loves us just the same, but my little sister swears that I'm the favorite. And of course, I used to think the same about her. She was the one who got away with everything, she's the baby.

Well, everything switched during my senior year in highschool. My family got Eugene. Now, this may sound like we hired a male old nanny to come live with us, but despite the name, he's not human. However, he sure does think he is.

Everyone meet my parent's favorite child, their pride and joy, the one and ONLY Eugene Joseph Whidden:

Yes I know, he's adorable.

And of course I am extremely jealous of his favorite status in the Whidden household, but he really is a great dog. I truly think that everyone deserves to have an English Bulldog in their lives. Here's Why:

1. They're Helpful!

Eugene always tries to help me study and keeps me company while I do my homework.

2. They enjoy spending time with you

Eugene hates being hot, but he hates not being around his humans even more. So, if its a tanning day for me, its a tanning day for Gene!

3. They come to the rescue on boring car rides. 

All you have to say is the 2 magic words: GENE GO! and all the sudden his short and stubby little legs turn into springs and he will be joining you in the car in no time!

4. They're always down for naps 

They sleep as often as you'll let them but they never want to miss out on adventures.

5. They're the funniest dogs on the planet.

Eugene is truly hysterical. He is stubborn but he is loyal and he makes me laugh everyday.

6. Lastly, They're adorable.

Just look at him!!!