The 25 Emotional Stages You Go Through When Applying For The Disney College Program
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The 25 Emotional Stages You Go Through When Applying For The Disney College Program

As told by your favorite Disney Characters.

The 25 Emotional Stages You Go Through When Applying For The Disney College Program

If you've ever applied for the Disney College Program, you know the rollercoaster of emotions that comes along with the application process. You feel nervous, excited, happy, discouraged, nervous again; it's really a never-ending cycle until it's over. You convince yourself that you won't check your email one hundred times a day and drive yourself crazy, yet there you are, staring at your email and the Disney jobs dashboard while refreshing the pages every couple of minutes. You're not alone, we all go through it.

Here's my take on the Disney College Program application process as told by our favorite Disney characters!

1. Staring at your computer, waiting for the application to drop.

2. When the application finally drops.

3. How you feel before starting the application vs. how long it actually takes to complete it.

4. When you check your dashboard for the first time and see status: Applied.

5. And the next time.

6. And the next 100 times after that...

7. When you get that "Your Next Step: Web-Based Interview" email.

8. Before starting your WBI.

9. During the WBI.

10. When you see "Congratulations" and get to schedule your phone interview... it's really happening!

11. Preparing for your PI.

12. The day of your interview.

13. While you're on the phone with your recruiter.

14. When you hang up and realize that the only thing left is finding out if you made it!

15. Waiting to hear back from your phone interview.

16. And waiting...

17. Slowly starting to lose your mind, but waiting... it still says "Under Review" so that's good, right?

18. Joining the Facebook group with all the other DCP candidates.

19. Reading everyone's posts and realizing you've found the people that truly understand your Disney obsession.

20. Constantly checking the group, stressing and waiting with all your new found, Disney-loving friends.

21. Stalking the recruiters' twitter pages to find out everything you can about the current status of things.

22. When the first wave of offers starts.

23. The Facebook group during the offer wave.

24. When everyone is posting about their offers, but you still haven't gotten anything yet.

25. The moment you check your email and see the subject line: "Disney College Program: Congratulations!"


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