We all have issues with being emotionally happy. Whether the issue is being too overwhelmed with trying to balance school, work, and a social life, or maybe you're just too stressed over a numerous amount of things.

As for myself, I have chronic anxiety.This means that I am able to have anxiety attacks about the littlest thing, and yet suffer deeply from them.

Sure, there are books about "Self-Love" but what those books don't tell you is about how much shit the book itself really is. No "Self-Love" book has ever helped me get into a relax state, and knowing I am not the only one who suffers from this, I wanted to give you my coping ideas in hopes they will work for you, since you too know that books about emotional health almost never help.

1. Confidence

I always fear over the little things. Confidence is one of those things that most girls my age have yet to figure out (I'm 20). Something that has helped me is watching YouTube tutorials about makeup, (one awesome girl is Katie Legate) and looking up styles within Forever 21, TJ Maxx, JC Penney, and Rue 21 to get inspriation to create my own look. Another confidence booster is buying yourself a new bra. Bra's are important, whether you buy your $80 one from Victoria's Secret or even a cute $10 one from Walmart, new bra's will boost your self confidence.

2. Bubble Baths

Sitting in a dark bathroom with a bunch of delicious smelling candles with the lovely smell of honey butter and milk bubbles all around me it is another way I destress myself. This bubble bath is literally $3 from Walmart and candle are like .99 cents if you want to get the cheap little tea lights, or go to a Dollar Tree and get some awesome smelling candles, like Fresh Blueberry Pie, from there.

3. Music

As everyone knows, music is already known as a destresser. But listening to music when you're stressed out, upset, happy, any emotion you can think of, will help you get to that awesome place of no stress in no time at all

4. Reading

Sitting down with a warm hot chocolate, a blanket wrapped around my arms, and a nice book really helps relax someone.

5. Milk

Now, don't judge this until you have absolutely tried it, which almost everyone has, but they may not remember it. Remember when you're younger and you're super fussy to your mom and she gives you a bottle or a cup of warm milk to calm you down, well she didn't do it just because you were hungry. Warm milk helps people calm down because milk contains this cool thing called tryptophan. This is an amino acid with helps you sleep. If you don't like milk (or you're lactose-intolerant), try eating turkey or tuna, for they have the same amino acid in it to help you calm down.

6. Going on a walk/running

Getting outside and excercising is a great way to destress, and a great way to stay fit. Running while listening to music will help even more. A cool thing that I discovered is if you have Spotify, you can go to a running soundtrack and it'll play music that is set to the pace you are running. (and if you don't have Spotify, don't fret. One cool thing I found out is that if you are a student with a student email address, you can go to Google and type in "Spotify Student Discount" and only pay for Spotify Preminum for $4.99 a month).

These are just some ideas that I hope will help you destress when you're in a rut.