21. Clean your room.

20. Wash your dog.

19. Rearrange furniture in your room.

18. Take a relaxing bath.

17. Do laundry.

16. Finish reading a book.

15. Take a walk.

14. Buy groceries.

13. Finish a painting.

12. Cook breakfast.

11. Clean your house.

10. Plant flowers.

9. Have lots of coffee while watching your favorite TV show.

8. Have play time with your cat.

7. Visit a friend.

6. Listen to your favorite musicians.

5. Have "self-love" time and do your make-up for fun.

4. Look through old photos and create a collage.

3. Call your family just to talk.

2. Put clean, warm sheets on your bed.

1. Watch the sunrise.

I'll have to start taking my own advice as well.