15 Reasons Why Elle Woods Is The Feminist Hero We Need Right Now
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15 Reasons Why Elle Woods Is The Feminist Hero We Need Right Now

What? Like it's hard?

15 Reasons Why Elle Woods Is The Feminist Hero We Need Right Now

In the wake of increasingly problematic behavior from Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer, the world is in need of more feminist icons. Fortunately, there is a pink-clad, blonde role model we can all look to in this great hour of need.

Fifteen years after, two mediocre sequels (well, one mediocre, one abysmal) and a broadway musical after the film's theatrical debut, Elle Woods continues to embody the spirit of feminism, smashing the patriarchy with her perfectly manicured fists

Below, you'll find are the fifteen reasons why Elle Woods is the ultimate feminist:

1. She embraces her femininity.

At the beginning of the film, Elle studies fashion because it makes her happy. She then goes on to Harvard, eventually falling in love with law. Unlike many of the characters throughout the film, Elle does not view femininity as a weakness but rather a source of empowerment.

2. She doesn't need a man to be happy.

3. But, she still doesn't judge others' for their life choices, whether they include men or not.

4. She has an incredibly supportive group of friends.

No one can take on the patriarchy alone. Elle's sorority sisters have her back at all times. Whether her dreams include marrying a wealthy man, or becoming a successful lawyer in her own right, the Delta Nu's are always there to celebrate Elle's successes and to help her through the bad times.

5. She embraces her sexuality and stands against slut shaming.

Bonus points for referencing Gloria Steinem in her costume.

6. Still, she doesn't allow anyone to objectify her.

7. She is a friend to all women, forming longterm friendships with those who were once her competition.

8. She believes in herself and stands up for her beliefs, encouraging those around her to do the same.

9. She takes a stand against girl on girl hate.

With the exception of a few, well deserved biting comebacks, Elle has nothing but kind things to say about the women around her. She respects Brooke's secret, regardless of the benefits sharing it would bring and never judges her friends for their less-than-enlightened comments. She even compliments Vivian, after being publicly humiliated in class and learning that she was engaged to Elle's former boyfriend, saying, "She could use some mascara, and some serious highlights, but she's not completely unfortunate looking."

Later in the film, after some outright cruel antics from Vivian, Elle still goes out of her way to spread positivity by complimenting her outfit.

10. She is unfazed by any challenge.

11. She takes strides against homophobia.

In this quiet, yet significant, scene Elle takes a stand against homophobic slurs- while simultaneously throwing some great shade. Remember 'Legally Blonde' came out in 2001, the same year 'Friends' decided that two straight bros couldn't take a nap together and that transphobia is HILARIOUS. We've come a long way in the 15 years since the film's release, but it's important to consider the views that were commonly held at the time of Legally Blonde's debut.

(Although we could all do without the stereotyping that occurs in Brooke's court case)

12. She's unapologetically ambitious.

13. She encourages everyone around her to embrace their confidence.

14. She refuses to conform to others' expectations.

Elle not only gets into Harvard Law School, but does so despite the expectations of her ex-boyfriend, classmates, adviser and even her parents. She politely, but undeniably rejects her father's advice to marry rich and instead goes on to enroll, and eventually thrive, at Harvard.

15. She stands up for herself and for the people around her, regardless of their gender.

In the end, isn't that what feminism is all about?

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